minuto a minuto de su partido por la Liga

They relaxed more than necessary. Junior, already classified in advance and playing with a B team, thinking about the South American Cup initial bet Oil Easton Tuesday at the Metropolitano, lost the undefeated record at home and the possibility of having an invisible point over two rivals in the semi-final home runs, losing 4-2 to Jaguares, this Saturday night in the closing phase of ‘all against all’ of the league.

On a dark night for several local gamers, especially Nilson Castrillonprotagonist in three of the opposing entries, the Caribbean squad went from fourth to sixth place.

This slap, which has to wake up the ‘sharks’ facing the crucial moments of the campaign that are coming now, it was without an audience in the stadium due to the fulfillment of the second of the three sanction dates that weigh on the club for the clashes between Atletico and Unión Magdalena fans in the stadium of Santa Marta.

In the midst of that sad silence, the Caribbean team deflated in their feud, which had been impregnable this season.

The start was fluid and crystal clear for Junior.

There was good association, possession and depth. Daniel Giraldojust 2 minutes into the game, he had already tested the resistance of Paul Mine with a shot down that the goalkeeper managed to deflect.

‘El Tiburón’ did not feel the precocious exit of Cariaco Gonzalezwho was injured again. Carlos Esparragoza he got the ball clean and Fabian Sambueza He appeared regularly, distancing himself and showing himself as a support point to vent, build walls and penetrate.