Mujer adicta a cirugías celebra que su hija de 12 años se somete a rinoplastia

Mujer adicta a cirugías celebra que su hija de 12 años se somete a rinoplastia

Tatiana Murillo, popularly known as the ‘colombian barbie‘, he has just confirmed through his social networks that her 12-year-old daughter has undergone her first cosmetic surgery, a rhinoplasty, that is, a nose job.

“His dream came true, he had surgery on Thursday and it was a simple surgery, it lasted just an hour and a half in the operating room,” the model commented on Instagram, however, the news did not take long to cause controversy Y users criticized the decision, specifically, that a mother let her daughter have plastic surgery at such a young age.

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She explains that the girl, Sofia Velez, the aesthetic procedure could be performed because met the guidelines or requirements. “I want to say to my followers that it is possible, with certain characteristics and guidelines that she complied with, of course, a minor can be operated on,” she explained, according to the website. snail tv.

“While my detractors I ask you not to make a show, what happens is that they see a woman without taboos and they get scared, because everything is a show for you,” he also said, referring to those who do not see what happened with good eyes.

According to the site healthy kids, cosmetic surgeries for adolescents under the age of 18 can only be done with the consent of a parent. In 2013, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) detailed the most common plastic surgeries in adolescents, including: liposuction, breast augmentation or reduction, and rhinoplasty, completing the quintet otoplastyor ear surgery.

This association says that the surgery can be performed when the nose has completed the 90% of your growthwhat happens to the 13 or 14 years in women and of the 15 to 16 years in children. Although, to agree to perform the operation, the adolescent must understand the procedures and consequences, request the surgery in person and express the specific and realistic concerns about the operation.

That is, if you have a lump in your nose or are having difficulty breathing, you may need it, but if you want it purely for cosmetic purposes because, for example, you think it will make you more popular, this is an unrealistic goal.

Tatiana Murillo herself has revealed that she has 3 nose surgeries, and insists that she supports her daughter’s decision, however, there are users who have shared your concern, considering that 12 years of age, which is the case here (the age of the model’s daughter), is not the right time, because the adolescent does not yet have the maturity to make the decision.