Mujer que aprovechó su viaje en combi para pelar patas de pollos suma miles de reproducciones en TikTok

(Screenshot: TikTok / @pattpt)

In times when the maelstrom of what happens around us makes us miss details or that, precisely, time does not reach us at all; there are always ways to multitask and save time, as our grandmothers used to say.

Many times, it doesn’t matter where you are or who is around you. The idea will always be to get the most out of the day and take advantage of every lapse whenever we can. A viral shows it quite graphically. An adult woman profitably occupies her time while she travels in a van through the streets of Lima.

It happens that, according to a video that has gone viral on the tiktok app, a lady was making the trip back home after making the daily purchases from the market. To distract the view from her, she chose to sit by the window of the country van. And when it seemed like it was just another trip, the woman decided to go ahead with the preparation of lunch while she was traveling. In that way?

So he started peeling the Chicken legs that I had bought to cook.

The curious action did not go unnoticed by a TikTok user, identified with the user @pattptwho was in the same combi but seats further back, and made the decision to record the moment for share it on your networks And let it be recorded for posterity.

(Video: TikTok / @pattpt)

As can be seen in the clip, the lady was carrying a white bag on her legs and with unflappable concentration she began her work with a speed and dexterity that only the experience of years gives. Apparently, the return trip home was still very long and there was time to take advantage of it since, as can be seen in her images, several more chicken legs were still waiting in her bag to be peeled.

Obviously, it didn’t take long for the ten-second video to go viral on every social network it’s shared. “When you want to get home and cook fast. The lady passes”is the accompanying message. Only on the TikTok video platform has it been played more than 283 thousand times. The I like it It is not far behind either since until the closing of this note there were almost 20 thousand little hearts.

In the comments section, good humor was also present. And other tiktoker users congratulated the lady for making the most of her time.

“You have to save time”, “The gastronomy people doing their homework on the way to class”, “Oh no, the lady already gave me ideas!!! I will do the same in my corridor”, “time is money hahaha”, “Time is money, you can’t waste time looking out the window”“Aaaaahhh now I’m afraid to go out on the street, since any day I’ll be in a video”, “people do come out with every occurrence”, are some of the messages that can be seen.

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