Mundial Catar 2022 fechas y horarios de partidos fueron actualizados

Mundial Catar 2022 fechas y horarios de partidos fueron actualizados

Without an official reason, although probably motivated by the television broadcast schedules in different regions of the world, Fifa detailed that Ecuador will no longer be part of the first game of the orbital rendezvous.

Now, Senegal will face the Netherlands in the opening match of the World Cup, on November 21 in Doha, announced Fifa hours after the draw for the tournament in Qatar.

The opening match was originally going to be the host country against Ecuador, but the organization later published a schedule with a change in the starting time of the matches. The duel was on the Latin American dawn and would have forced the Ecuadorians to get up very early.

Senegal and the Netherlands will now play at one in the afternoon (5 in the morning Colombian time) as the opening match and Qatar will face Ecuador at 7 p.m. (11 a.m. Colombian time).

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Unlike what has been seen in past World Cups, the host will not be the one to start the party. The last time this happened was in Korea-Japan 2002, when France and Senegal played the first match. However, this happened because previously the current champion was the one who played the first game. (see also: Qatar 2022 goal: the group of death and the easiest in the World Cup).

The calendar left other adjustments in matches that accommodate the aforementioned hourly benefit that it brings over the regions in which the countries of each group are located.

During the group stage, 4 matches will be played daily, between Monday, November 21 and Friday, December 2. These will take place at 5 in the morning, 8 in the morning, 11 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon (Colombian time).

This is the final calendar published by Fifa: