Nacional y DIM buscarán una final antioqueña

After the end of date 20, which closed the phase of all against all, the semifinal home runs were defined.

In quadrangular A are located Millonarios, Nacional, Junior and Bucaramanga. Meanwhile in the B were Tolima, Medellín, Envigado and Equidad.

Set green will start as a visitor with Junior, and Medellín with Equidad.

The important is that National and Medellinthe two great teams from Antioquia, they could reach the final to have a champion from Antioquia

The last time that Nacional and Medellín played a League final was in the first half of 2004, in which the scarlet team celebrated its fourth star.

next june it will be 18 years since that final and, again, it could be repeated if both win their respective home runs.

Despite the drought of triumphs, 5 games without winning (2 losses and 3 draws) that Nacional completed at the end of the all-against-all phase, in the green squad they say they are ready to take on the challenge.

“From now on we have to think about how to rethink to start the home runs strong and seek the title,” said coach Hernán Darío Herrera after the 1-0 defeat with Equidad.

The green coach added that in the institution they already made a clean slate. “We all entered the home runs from scratch, they will only have a slight advantage of the invisible point Millionaires and Tolimabut we have the whole team prepared to face this phase and we are going to fight for the title until the last”.

DIM, meanwhile, arrives motivated after rebounding in the Colombia Cup and beating Tigres 1-2, in addition to closing the round robin phase with a 1-0 win over Pasto.

Likewise, the red team traveled to Brazil to face Internacional for the Copa Sudamericana this Tuesday from 5:15 pm.

“We entered these finals to try to win them, compete to win. It makes no sense to go in and make a fool of yourself or that after three dates one has no chance, ”said the scarlet strategist, Julio Comesaña.

“Within our possibilities we are going to go out and fight, among the teams that have qualified there are several that we have beaten, why not beat them again, although we know it will be complex, but we are prepared and we also continue with possibilities in the Two other tournaments, which I have said are not a priority, but we will try to do our best”, added the coach of the Powerful.

So both teams they intend to look for the star and now the moment of truth has arrived to make that wish come true.