Netflix y sus 10 películas religiosas para Semana Santa

Imagen de un tv con Netflix, a propósito de sus 10 películas religiosas para Semana Santa

Easter has arrived and with it a few days off to rest. If you want to enjoy good religious-themed programming, we bring you the best options that Netflix has for you.

At Folou we want you to enjoy from the comfort of your home and that is why we bring you the ‘top 10’ of the best religious movies on Netflix that you can watch at Easter.

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You can take advantage of Good Thursday or Good Friday to enjoy this program together with the family. These are the movies:

1. Noah

This film is starred by the outstanding actor Russel Crowe, who is guided by God to build the ark so that it can be saved from the flood that will end humanity.

2. Miracles from heaven

It is the story of two young husbands with a daughter who suffers from an incurable disease. This situation triggers a crisis of faith in the family.

3. The two popes

This tape narrates the link between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, who are two of the most important leaders of the Vatican. The story reveals how both must confront their own pasts, as they seek to deal with modern conflicts and assess the future of the Catholic Church.

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4. The resurrection of Christ

The film tells the story of Clavio, tribune of Pontius Pilate, who has the responsibility of finding the body of Jesus that disappeared from his tomb.

5. Fireproof

Caleb Holt and Catherine’s marriage is going through a series of problems that will lead them to consider divorce. In the midst of this crisis, Caleb takes on a challenge proposed by his Christian father that will lead him to have greater faith in God and strengthen his relationship with his partner.

6. 90 minutes in heaven

Don Piper is a man who was involved in a car accident and is pronounced dead. However, 90 minutes after being rushed to a hospital, he comes back to life and claims to have seen heaven.

7. Heaven is real

Todd Burpo is a young father who has financial difficulties. His life takes a turn when his son, after undergoing a delicate surgery, begins to tell him about an alleged trip to heaven.

8. As different as me

Deborah is a religious woman who suffers from cancer. Her life will change completely when she meets a homeless man with a sad past.

9. God is not dead 2

After answering a question to a student about the life of Jesus, Grace Wesley, a high school teacher, must face the courts, starring in an epic case that could end her career.

10. Unbreakable

It tells the story of Olympic track athlete and World War II hero Louis Zamperini, who spent 47 days adrift in the Pacific Ocean after an airplane crash. Zamperini manages to be found by a ship with Japanese soldiers, who capture him as a prisoner and subject him to torture for two years until the end of the war.