“No continúas con nosotros”: Marbelle no se cansa de provocar a Francia Márquez

“No continúas con nosotros”: Marbelle no se cansa de provocar a Francia Márquez

Francia Márquez once again referred to Marbelle on social networks. Photo: Colprensa / Instagram @marbelle.oficial

The popular music singer Marbelle does not want the last word to be taken away from her in the scandal caused by herself, after having used racist names against the vice-presidential candidate Francia Márquez, who is Gustavo Petro’s formula for the Historical Pact coalition.

On Friday afternoon, France wanted to turn the other cheek: she showed her admiration, respect and appreciation for the technorail, a genre she created and that gave her the popularity she has enjoyed since the 90s. The social leader also confessed that she once auditioned to enter the Factor X music contest program when the singer was one of the jurors, an attempt that was unsuccessful.

Given this, the singer replied: “I invite you to debate with your opponents, madam, not with me! Go and give an ANCESTRAL hug to PETRO YA BOBOLIVAR… that they are leaving her very bad! (…) For him to be dedicating all the tweets to me … it only shows the great fanatic that is added to him for using my name.

In another tweet, he told Márquez that “I hope one day you can understand that it is not a COLOR issue … I hope you can understand that We just go down very different paths!”.

The singer has also not stopped responding to other network users who, far from criticizing her words, celebrate the “sincerity” she has shown before the Goldman prize-winning activist, considered the Nobel Prize for ecology.

Faced with one of the trills of a follower who pointed out how Márquez’s supporters would be sharing portraits of her on Twitter and systematically tagging Marbelle, she assured that “they are harassing me.”

When a detractor reminded her that Francia Márquez has earned all kinds of merits with her preparation and activism, versus the only talent that the queen of the technolane has, she replied “Hahahahahahahaha We also have a Nobel Peace Prize! (sic)”.

He also shared, with a laughing emoji, a tweet about Márquez’s participation in the reality show: “Did he appear on the x factor? Or has she always wanted to be famous? She then made this comment about it:

In factor X I told him NO! And today I repeat it… -DO NOT CONTINUE WITH US! 😂

Marbella had assured that “You do not give me confidence or represent me in any way… Don’t come to me with the cheap speech with which you want to deceive people”. In response, Francia revealed that since he was a teenager he has admired the singer and told an anecdote in which when he was young, he was able to meet her and this generated enormous joy for the now vice-presidential candidate of Colombia.

“Dear @Marbelle30 I don’t understand how you hate me without knowing me, how you distrust me if we have never had the opportunity to braid a friendship relationship. Let me tell you that on the contrary, I have admired you since I was a teenager,” he said, later adding that, “a few years ago I was one of the millions of young people who enthusiastically attended an audition in which you were a music teacher, along with Juan Carlos Coronel and José Gaviria selecting young people who would participate in the X Factor (Reality of the RCN Channel)”.

Francia Márquez took advantage of her social networks to let Marbelle and all the people know what she will do when she becomes vice president of Colombia, “Dear @Marbelle30, today life put me on another path, to fight to become the vice president of Colombia. From this place I will work tirelessly to change the reality of our country. We will work for a Colombia with opportunities for youth”.


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