NO SE GUARDÓ NADA: Las duras quejas arbitrajes de Thomas Tuchel tras la eliminación del Chelsea contra el Real Madrid

NO SE GUARDÓ NADA: Las duras quejas arbitrajes de Thomas Tuchel tras la eliminación del Chelsea contra el Real Madrid

Some will think that it is an exaggeration product of the defeat, others will affirm that it is understandable that he has complained publicly about this. Be that as it may, Thomas Tuchel made the decision to express his true feelings.


The German coach was disappointed that the central referee had not evaluated Marcos Alonso’s disallowed goal (the determination ended up being 100% VAR) and shared that throughout the series, he always felt that any split decision was for Real Madrid (51% for them).

“I didn’t see the goal that was disallowed. I’m very, very disappointed that the referee didn’t review it on his own. Absolutely disappointed. I felt in both games that it was like 51% for the other side in every decision that was made. But it is what it is when you play against Real Madrid in the Champions League. We weren’t lucky today.”were the words of the DT, in an interview with BT sport.

The thing did not stop there.

Tuchel also explained why he went to complain to the central referee after the final whistle. Some decisions bothered him, yes, but what sharpened the anger was seeing him laugh with Carlo Ancelotti. It’s nothing against Carlettoyes against the referee. The German strategist thinks that the synchronization It was frightening.

“Disappointed because the referee was having a good time with my colleague, with Carlo Ancelotti. I know that Carlo is a gentleman and a great man. But when I wanted to go and say thank you for the match (to the referee), I saw him smiling and laughing loudly with the opponent’s coach. I think it’s a very bad time to do this, after a game of 126 minutes and with a team leaving their heart and fighting until the end (…) You go as a coach and you see the referee laughing with the other coach… I think it was a very bad timing and I told him that. That was it”.

At the press conference he insisted again on Marcos Alonso’s disallowed goal and how complicated it is to play against Real Madrid in the European Cup. Also, he complained about how little he added (3 minutes) in the second overtime.

“If you play against Real Madrid maybe you can’t expect everyone to have the courage… In the first leg and in the second leg, I felt that the small decisions (were for them)… I didn’t see the goal, but I told him I’m very disappointed because I didn’t He went to see it on his own. In a match like this, where you have a certain line to call, you have to stay the boss and not leave decisions like this to someone in a chair who is isolated from the atmosphere and the referee’s style, about the things he allows and doesn’t allow. It allows. I think he should have stayed in charge and checked it out on his own. That is just my opinion”.

“And I think we deserved more minutes at the end. It felt like we had no net time to play in the second overtime. But maybe that’s too much to ask in games like this against this opponent. We had it in our hands and we weren’t lucky enough.”

Undefeated data. In 2020, finalist with PSG. In 2021, finalist and champion with Chelsea. And in 2022, he stayed in the quarterfinals.

Did you know…? Thomas Tuchel has already won the UEFA Champions League, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup with Chelsea. He is missing the domestic trophy.