Nueva identidad de la aerolínea Condor, con clara inspiración al verano

Nueva identidad de la aerolínea Condor, con clara inspiración al verano

12 Apr 2022 · 3 minutes of reading

Since 1956, the German airline Condor has specialized in flights to holiday destinations in the Mediterranean basin, Asia, Africa, North and South America, as well as to the Caribbean islands.

After two years of crisis due to COVID-19, it was necessary to give the company a new impetus with a more vital tone. The Berlin agency Vision Alphabet has developed a rebranding of the brand. A job that is based on a new strategy: “be in a good mood”.

From there, how to transmit that feeling through identity? Easy. Providing the planes with a graphic system that ‘breathes’ that vacation air: light, joy, sun, beach, summer… Applying a completely different language and narrative, as we can see in the following video:

Thus, the new brand identity that is distinguished by a design of bright stripes in 5 different colors: green, blue, beige, yellow and red. Stripes inspired by umbrellas, bath towels and beach chairs serve as a resource to dress aircraft liveries. The Condor fleet thus detaches itself from the previous gray and yellow to connect with that summer sensation.

Identity of the airline Condor until today.

Condor airline: a renewed identity, but one that does not break with the past

condor logo

The Condor logo remains with slight changes. The new typeface chosen is a lowercase sans serif for the wordmark. It also changes the color, to black. And the location of the symbol, now, to the right of the name.

New isotype and logo of Condor aircraft 2022
Isotype and new Condor brand after redesign in 2022.

And as for the isotype, the figure of the condor within a circle remains with the previous design. Although other aspects do vary:

  • The size is now smaller, to give greater prominence to the stripes as a distinctive element of the brand.
  • The color, instead of yellow on a gray background, changes to a high-contrast black
  • The outline of the lines are more stylized.
  • The emblem appears at different points on the aircraft: on the tail unit, on the fuselage and next to the cabin.

Changes that, ultimately, respect the link with the brand’s past, but provide a new brand narrative, as well as revitalize its image.

new color palette
Five colors make up the brand’s new color palette.
New aircraft identity colors
New aircraft liveries.

Color palette
The previous range in gray and yellow used for decades is renewed. The new color palette symbolizes the sun (yellow), passion (red), the sea (blue), the islands (green) and the beach (beige).

As explained by the company, the new color palette also represents the diversity of cultures and destinations that Condor offers.

Condor airline renews its identity
Summer-inspired stripes cover the new liveries.

“Stripes are our trademark. Our logo reflects our heritage and the colors represent diversity.”

Ralf Teckentrup, CEO of Condor

aircraft tail logo and livery
Old Condor brand and its applications in the livery and tail of the aircraft.

Uniforms and aircraft interior design

The design will be progressively transferred to other contact points of the brand. For example, crew uniforms, accessories (handkerchiefs, ties and pins). Also the airport counters, the website and social networks will be aligned with the new design.

“Our goal was to give Condor a special visual independence, whose foundation is linked to the essence of the brand: the invention of the vacation flight and the current vacation code, the summer stripes, joy and freedom”, explained the director of Vision Alphabet, Remo Masala.

Although the changes are not particularly groundbreaking, the use of a graphic code that allows a high association with vacations and the brightness of the sun is a success. The same as the fact of betting on color in the color palette.

On the other hand, it is interesting to see how the vitalist spirit is gaining ground over the more serious or corporatist style identities in vacation and low-cost airlines, as we have already seen in the Viva Air case. Because honestly, does anyone want to think of their future vacations impregnated with gray?

Lanzarote has been the first destination to which one of the planes with the new identity has flown. And as they say, the presence of the brand has not gone unnoticed. Objective accomplished?