Pamela Ospina se hartó de ‘Tostao’ y se defendió; “No me hables”

Pamela Ospina se hartó de 'Tostao' y se defendió;

In the last group challenge in ‘Masterchef’ there was an awkward moment when ‘Tostao’ made a heavy comment against his partner Pamela Ospina. “We only want to be three… No, lies. Welcome, Pamela”, the singer replied to Claudia Bahamón when she told him that they would both work together.

The comedian could not stand the tears behind the cameras and said: “It makes me angry. Obviously it’s a joke that hurts, but I don’t want to talk about it because it doesn’t make sense.

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In addition, the other participants commented that the relationship between them was the worst on and off the recording set of the cooking reality show. “It’s no secret to anyone that ‘Tostao’ and Pamela don’t get along. But it seems very ugly to me when a man is unpleasant with a woman, “said Cristina Campuzano.

For her part, Isabella Santiago said that the member of ChocQuibTown and Ospina “nearly grabbed each other.”

And although the challenge, which consisted of cooking for 15 people, was carried out with absolute discomfort, the team led by ‘Tostao’ managed to win.

The friction between ‘Tostao’ and Pamela Ospina in ‘Masterchef’ continues

Before the challenge of salvation, another fact was presented again that exposed the bad relationship between the Chocoano and the paisa. Chef Nicolás de Zubiría told the ‘Tostao’ team that the complete dishes almost didn’t reach the diners. Ospina immediately intervened and explained that she had to improvise quickly to put together the last dish and thus meet the challenge.

De Zubiría highlighted Pamela’s action and this would have bothered the singer, Well, once they received the immunity pins and went up to the balcony, the mess between them turned on again.

The comedian called out Isabella Santiago for laughing when she was explaining to the chef what had happened, at that time ‘Tostao’ took the opportunity to claim him for having interrupted him when he was talking with Nicolás.

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“They are asking the captain something and you go out to answer, that was not good, too”, he said with annoyance. She then reminded him that throughout the challenge she disagreed with the preparation of the dish.

Given this, Pamela Ospina lost patience and defended herself by asking her competition partner not to speak to her anymore. “Don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me, don’t talk to me,” the woman insisted.