Paola Jara y Jessi Uribe no invitaron a muchos cantantes a su matrimonio

The relationship between Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe has had a lot of repercussion in the media, from the beginning. And obviously, the marriage of these artists has not gone unnoticedsince it has been handled with a lot of mystery and the confirmed details are few.

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However, different media and journalists dedicated to entertainment and local entertainment They have set themselves the task of finding out and telling how little is known about the union of Jara and Uribe. One of them has been Graciela Torres, better known as ‘La Negra Candela’that a day before the alleged ceremony he released some data.

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On her Instagram profile, “La Negra” said that only a couple of singers received an invitation to the event, despite the fact that Paola and Jessi move in the world of music and entertainment; Jorge Celedón and Jean Carlos Centeno, renowned exponents of vallenato.

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This is how the aforementioned journalist told it:

“Only two artists are invited to the reception; Jorge Celedon and Jean Carlos Centeno. Absolutely no one from the press, and neither singers nor anyone from the world in which they work. They want it to be totally private (the event)…”

Although not much has been confirmed about the ceremony, the party or what is around the wedding, on social networks Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe have shown special moments with their friends and they have given messages that this will be a more than special date.