Paulina Goto denuncia en redes que conductor de Uber la intimidó

Paulina Goto denounces in networks that Uber driver intimidated her. The Mexican actress and singer published on her Twitter account the unfortunate situation she experienced when requesting the service, since the driver raised the window and put insurance on her and refused to stop the trip, so that the young woman was forced to jump out of the vehicle.

Paulina Gómez Torres, better known as Paulina Goto, dared to share the situation that he experienced in the early hours of today Saturday, given the situation of insecurity that prevails in Mexico that has cost the lives of numerous people, especially women, given the high number of femicides.

In fact, only in February 2022 did the Ministry of Public Security register 80 femicideswhich are known, according to the RSVP portal

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Via TwitterThe 30-year-old model and composer narrated the event. “This driver just gave me the scare of my life. I got in the car and lowered the window (I always do, she makes me feel safer) and right away the driver put it up and secured it so she couldn’t lower it”.

Noticing this, Paulina Goto reacted immediately, so she asked him to lower the window and unlock it. However, the actress exposed through the Tweet what rreceived a refusal from the driverwho simply she said “no” and continued with the trip.

Feeling insecure, the young woman requested to stop the vehicle, but again received a no answer. “I asked him to stop the car, I told him I wanted to get out and he told me ‘no’ and ‘nothing was going to happen to me’”. Because of this, Paulina Goto decided to do the following: “I had to open the door and jump out, while the car moved forward”.

Through the publication, the actress of “Mother there are only two” and “A path to destiny” said that she is fine, although she is scared. “I’m fine GAD, but I’m very scared”, in addition to her, she always recommended paying attention to instincts. “Guys, take care of yourselves and pay attention when you feel that something is not right.”

In addition, made a call to Uber to take action on the matter, although, for now, the platform has not yet said anything about it. In order to have more information about the driver, the actress shared her trip data in which she specified that she was driving a red Nissan Versa.

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