Paulo Londra cambió su look por una apuesta y se mostró de vacaciones con su nueva pareja | Crónica

popular street artist Paulo Londra wants to leave the controversies aside and focus on resting and then continue with their musical projects. The strong crosses with his ex-partner would be part of the past, and now The Cordovan is on vacation with his current girlfriend. Also, showed her new and curious hairstyle to which he submitted after losing a stake.

In this way, Paul London seeks to turn the page after several months with difficulties in his professional career due to a legal conflict with his former producers. An episode that had a happy ending for the ragpicker and that produced a great comeback with a lot of repercussion.

Along the same lines, in recent times, the singer starred in a public confrontation with his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his daughters, for an economic demand. To the legal scandal was also added a dramatic episode that had the intervention of the policea, when the young Rocio Moreno she wanted to see her little ones while they were with Londra.

The details of Paulo Londra’s trip

far from the country, Paul London He takes advantage of his days off to recharge his batteries with his current girlfriend and avoid new conflicts. Along with Cordoba Martina Quetglasthe singer posted on his account Instagram different photos of the vacations they enjoy in Los Angeles United States.

The young woman, who was a companion of Paul London at school, he spread the images of the trip in his stories of the aforementioned social network, and some of the postcards were replicated by the singer himself. In her photos, Martina showed a wonderful view that they share in the hotel where they stay.

Paulo Londra showed his vacations on Instagram.

Then, both young people from Córdoba were shown having breakfast, they uploaded images of their walks through a Los Angeles pedestrian street, where they are seen very close and in love. In addition, they enjoyed a walk through Santa Monica and revealed that they went shopping in the stores of that tourist place.

It should be remembered that Quetglas is a young woman, 24 years old, and was a schoolmate of Londra. After meeting again at a party for former students of that institution in Córdoba, the romance was born. In the meantime, She is studying to be a medical visitor and continues to practice a sport that she is passionate about, hockey.

Paulo Londra showed his vacations on Instagram.

Paulo Londra showed his vacations on Instagram.

The curious “cloudy” cut

Finally, after posting their vacation stories, Paulo Londra shared a short video where he revealed a new look due to a lost bet. In the clip, the singer is seen sitting in the hairdresser’s, while they write a word on his head.

As he explained, the objective is to fulfill a bet that he lost with a friend some time ago. But, In addition to shaving the sides of the head, the haircut includes the name of one of his latest songs: “Foggy”.

Like when you lose bet heh”, introduced the ragpicker in his post and congratulated the hairdresser with a “you broke it pa”. “I think I have it #cloudy. If I have to tell you, I like it more cloudy than you look shiuff You #aspermaster23 #leonesconflow mommy“, hill.

New cut by Paulo Londra.

New cut by Paulo Londra.