Pelea entre dos “Michael Jackson”: ¿qué hubo detrás y en qué quedó? | EL UNIVERSAL

An embarrassing show was offered this Saturday by two urban artists who imitate the dances of Michael Jackson in different squares of the Historic Center of Cartagena. Read: They attack the famous presenter in the Historic Center of Cartagena

At about 8:00 at night they staged a fight in the emblematic San Pedro Claver square, before the astonished gaze of tourists and other passers-by. The event was recorded in a video circulating on social networks and once again evidenced the need to organize artists in the sector.

One of the imitators, identified as Isber Guanire, who was wearing a red jacket at the time of the events, gave his version to The universal.

“I arrived at Saint Peter’s Square. I noticed that the church was open, in the middle of mass, and I placed myself exactly in front of the Crepes & Waffles restaurant to wait for it to close. At that moment the other Michael passed by on a motorcycle and I told him from afar that I was first and that I was waiting for the church to close. So, alleging that I was not positioned and sitting in the square, he said that I had not arrived first but he ”.

The Jackson impersonator indicated that “already in the square, I clarify again that I am first and that I will not dance with the church open, since the priest has complained on several occasions. Without considering my words, he turns on the speaker, I turn it off for being an abuser and that’s when he hits me. At that moment I try to defend myself and the brother, who plays a zombie, holds me by the neck, by the back, and this other lunges to hit me repeatedly, so I struggle to get them off me.

He added: “I kept insisting that they not dance while the church was open and I kept defending myself against the other Michael, as he was throwing fists at me, so there was aggression between the two of us. When the fight stopped, I kept insisting that no one was going to play with the church open and that I arrived first. It was then that they proceeded to withdraw from the square and I stayed waiting for the Police quadrant to explain what happened.

Isber Guanire stressed that that same night he spoke with the other two involved in the fight and reconciled their differences. As a mutual show of goodwill, they danced together in the same square where minutes before they had attacked each other.

However, the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena imposed subpoenas on the two Michael Jackson imitators for violating article 27 of Law 1801 of 2016, which establishes “Behavior that puts life and integrity at risk”.

Fighting, inciting or incurring in violent confrontations that may lead to physical aggression is the behavior described in number 1 and carries a type 2 general fine, which is equivalent to 208,000 pesos. This sanction was the one imposed on street artists.

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Subpoenas for fights have been applied in Cartagena so far in 2022.

The Mecar highlighted that with the imposition of these corrective measures it is expected to reduce the number of people injured due to fights on public roads and in the city’s neighborhoods. He warned that so far in 2022, 885 summonses have been applied in Cartagena for fights and 12,982 for carrying sharps or dangerous substances.

The resident collective Somos Centro Histórico affirmed that the IPCC has a list of urban artists, that it does not have zoning where the rights of residents and users are respected.

organization is urgent

consulted by The universalthe collective of residents Somos Centro Histórico ruled on the fight. Read: The most notorious sex scandals in the Historic Center of Cartagena

“We have requested in writing and in meetings many times, and since previous administrations, that the exhibitions of musicians be organized in streets and squares where they do not affect the urban life of the Historic Center, both residential and institutional. That the rights of the people who carry out these activities be recognized so that they make their samples in appropriate places, as established by the PEMP (Special Plan for Management and Protection) of walls (that is, esplanade of the Bóvedas and Plaza de Los Coches) , and in others such as La Marina Park, Plaza de Cervantes, Plaza de La Paz, Plaza de La Aduana and Muelle de los Pegasos”, the group recalled. Read: Faced with complaints from San Diego, urban artists seek to “be legalized”

He assured that so far there has been no progress on these requests. “The IPCC has a list (of urban artists) that it calls a pilot, but it does not have a zoning where the rights of residents and users are respected, and also the Police have no way of identifying the people on the list to exercise any type of control”.

The collective of residents, Somos Centro Histórico, reiterated: “We insist over and over again that this type of episode shows us that the city needs to take an urgent turn in two aspects. One, in recognizing the rights of its citizens. Two, in the vision of the Historic Center, which is currently that of a theme park for tourism, dedicated to liquor, drugs and sexual exploitation.” Read: Historic Center, another “dark area” of Cartagena?

He also highlighted: “The Police is overloaded with so many problems that the promotion of a Historic Center with extended night hours and the chaos that this generates brings. The Police cannot solve a problem that is one of territorial ordering, the Mayor’s Office is the one who has the competence. We have the opportunity for Mayor (William) Dau to lead and mark the beginning of a change, with a city where the rights of citizens are respected and a Historic Center where the interest of tourism is oriented towards an inclusive and respectful market economy. of the law, that generates benefits for all, that generates social development”.

He added that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) indicates that “historic centers are living organisms, which must be inhabited, which are the urban centers of cities, and that tourism instead of hanging them should be a tool to help protect them.”

The universal He consulted the Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena de Indias (IPCC) about the organization of urban artists in the Historic Center and so far has not received a response.

The leader of the artists speaks

Charles Beltrán León, leader of the Movement of Urban Artists of the Historic Center, to which the aforementioned artists belong, also spoke.

“We reject the bad behavior of the artist Carlos Centeno, wearing a black jacket in the video. They know that as long as the churches are open they cannot perform any kind of show. In addition, they have a notification from the movement and the IPCC where they can perform their shows. We apologize for this fact, we are already looking for a way to correct these cases and no longer allow such behavior, which harms us all, “said Beltrán.