¿Pensando en vacaciones? Conoce la lista de vuelos directos desde los tres aeropuertos gallegos

¿Pensando en vacaciones? Conoce la lista de vuelos directos desde los tres aeropuertos gallegos

The arrival of the spring and Easter, which is just around the corner, marks the beginning of the high season of the year. Thus, airlines are beginning to present new itineraries or reinforcing existing ones, as is the case of Vueling, which will reactivate the route with Valencia from A Coruña.

Direct flights from Alvedro airport (A Coruña, Galicia)

Alvedro Airport, in A Coruña.

A Coruña airport seems to be recovering the pace of journeys since the stoppage of the pandemic. Thus, for this spring Vueling will recover direct flights with Valenciawith up to five routes a week; will increase the number of frequencies with Pariswith up to three a week, and the service will be activated with gatwick (London).

Other novelties that will be launched in the coming weeks are those of Volotea, which will premiere the connection with Malaga Starting next April 7. And of Minorcawhich opens for next May 30. The rest of the usual itineraries are:

  • Barcelona (Flight)
  • Bilbao (Volotea)
  • Gran Canaria (Binter Canarias)
  • Madrid (Air Europa/Iberia)
  • Mallocar (Air Nostrum)
  • Seville (Flight)

Direct flights from Peinador airport (Vigo, Galicia)

Vigo Airport.

Holy Week, which this year is celebrated from April 10 to 17, is the starting signal for the season at airports. Thus, at the moment the airport of Vigo, Pontevedra, has confirmed seven direct routes.

  • Barcelona (Flight)
  • Bilbao (Our Air Force)
  • Gran Canaria (Binter Canarias)
  • Madrid (Air Nostrum/Iberia/Air Europa)
  • Palma de Mallorca (Air Nostrum)
  • Tenerife (Binter Canarias)
  • Valencia (Our Air)

Direct flights from Lavacolla airport (Santiago de Composterla, Galicia)

Lavacolla Airport, in Santiago de Compostela

The airport of the capital of Galicia is the one with the most novelties, which extends its long list of destinations. Thus, the company Ryanair has presented a very complete summer program from Santiago de Compostela, with the inauguration from this month of March of the connection with Paris Beauvais and Brussels Charleroi.

Also, the Rosalía de Castro airport has been chosen to offer four charter flights to Luxor, Egyptchartered by the tour operator Soltour. These are two itineraries that will depart for Luxor on April 11, June 9, August 29 and November 7, with return from Cairo a week later. The rest of the destinations are:

  • Alicante (AirNostra and Ryanair)
  • Almeria (Air Nostrum)
  • Amsterdam (Flight)
  • Barcelona (Ryanair/Vueling/Air
  • Basel, Switzerland (Easyjet)
  • Bilbao (Our Air/Vueling)
  • Bologna, Italy (Ryanair)
  • Brussels, Belgium (Ryanair)
  • Dublin, Ireland (Aer Lingus, Ryanair)
  • Edinburgh, UK (Ryanair)
  • Frankfurt, Germany (Lufthansa)
  • Fuerteventura (Ryanair/Vueling)
  • Geneva, Switzerland (Easyjet)
  • Gran Canaria (Ryanair/Vueling)
  • Ibiza (Ryanair)
  • La Palma (Ryanair)
  • Lanzarote (Rynair)
  • Gatawick, London, UK (Easyjet/Vueing)
  • London, UK (Ryanair)
  • Madrid (Ryanair, Vueling)
  • Memmingen, Germany (Rynair)
  • Minorca (Ryanair)
  • Bergamo, Milan, Italy (Rynair)
  • Palma de Mallorca (Vueling/Ryanair)
  • Beauvais-Tille, Paris (Rynair)
  • Paris, Charles de Gaulle (Vueling)
  • Orly, Paris (Vueling/Transavia France)
  • Seville (Rynair/Vueling)
  • Tenerife North (Vueling)
  • Tenerife South (Rynair)
  • Valencia (Rynair/Vueling)
  • Zurich, Switzerland (Vueling)