Pinto Selección Colombia: Jorge Luis Pinto y su candidato para dirigir a la Selección Colombia | Actualidad

Pinto Selección Colombia: Jorge Luis Pinto y su candidato para dirigir a la Selección Colombia | Actualidad

George Louis PintoColombian technical director, spoke with The Snail VBar and analyzed the groups of Qatar World Cup 2022In addition to the present Colombia selection and its present.

For the man from Santander, the new coach of the national team must meet two requirements: “dthe basicsone who knows the country, the players, the South American competition. It is essential that you know and be in the country; two, to design a project with the three selections”.

“Right now they should put the U-20 and the U-23 to compete, all of them. I would grab the Sub-23 and take it to Europe, to see what we can get out of there… Now they want to get everyone out, I don’t participate there,” added about it.

Pinto remembered the time wasted with Arthur Reyes as head coach, whom he did not hold responsible: “I don’t blame Reyes for anything, he was helping, those six months he was there were lost, me, you and the managers knew that he was not going to lead in the Play off”.

The former technician from Costa Rica did not rule out directing the Colombia selection; however, he proposed another candidate for that position. “It would be nice to support and collaborate, today in my day it is not money, if I had not stayed in the Emirates or gone to the China on Carry off. The technician who arrives has to work well.”

“I would like, for the love of my country, for him to be a coach who teaches us all, if he is a national, much better, if he is a foreigner it will be more complicated… There is Luis Fernando (Suárez), he has experience; the figure of Juan Carlos (Osorio)a little run over, I don’t know if he will return to his starting status,” he added in this regard, nominating the current coach of Costa Rica.

Regarding the World Cup, the man from Santander assured that he would like to attend two games in the group stage: “I would like to go to the BrazilSwitzerland and to that of SpainGermany”.

And he talked about which selections could give the surprise: “we have to look at the Ghana, it is a team that appears and disappears. I like the Canada. The Denmark from European Championship It was a great team, I think it will classify second with France”.

“It’s hard to find a small team in the World, some who do not reach their level. Teams like Denmark, Switzerland and Croatia have to be careful”added on this topic.

Finally, he praised the two South American powers: “We all love Brazil to me I was very surprised by the match that Argentina played against Colombia”.