Pipe Bueno le respondió duro a Alzate por plata que le debe y lo expuso

Pipe Bueno and Alzate have a lawsuit over money that is getting more and more tense. The first to air it was Bueno, who used his Instagram account to ask his colleague to face him and to give him back a money that made him get into a deal that finally did not happen.

Luisa Fernanda W’s husband did not mention it in his publication, but Alzate decided to reply to him a couple of hours later. The artist told Pipe that he was a coward for making their differences public in that way and claimed that he had lost the most money in the business. As if that were not enough, the interpreter of ‘Maldita treason’ assured that his colleague was claiming for a “chichigua” of money and that he failed him when he needed it most.

The subject was far from stopping there, because Bueno counterattacked this Sunday afternoon through several stories in which he shed light on what happened between the two. From what he told, it is concluded that both were going to release a song together. However, Pipe maintains that the song could not be recorded because of Alzate and now he is demanding that he return the money he had given him to make the merger possible.

“I had to ticket you and there you did come out of one into the ring, dog. And outside of that, lying. That you have lost more tickets, that I was the one who left you lying around. Come on, let’s clarify one thing, and if you want to put lawyers, let them be the lawyers. As you want, I want. Dad, since ‘Guaro remix’ I haven’t released a song because you and I agreed on one thing. I haven’t released a song for 8 months, ”Pipe claimed in the first part of his release.

Later, Bueno told a little more about what they negotiated with Alzate. “You and I agreed that we were going to release the song. The one who came out with the ball… and said it’s not you. So don’t come with visages and lie to people, because the one who left me stranded with the song is you. If you don’t want to remove it, nothing happens. The issue is that you made me stand still without putting out music, you made me put in money. don’t fuck around Daddy, give me the money back. If it is with a lawyer, then with lawyers. I just want mine back and that’s it, “he concluded.

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The lawsuit seems far from over and now the fans of the two are waiting to see if Alzate will respond to his colleague once again. Both believe they are right and that makes it more difficult for things to come to fruition.