Pipe Bueno ventila sus problemas de dinero con Alzate

In the last few hours, a fierce confrontation broke out between Pipe Bueno and another singer of the popular genre. The mess was known via Instagram and it has been on that social network where a dimes and diretes has taken place that he has his fans choosing the grandstand.

The interpreter of ‘Guaro’ shared a video in which, as it would be popularly said, he “ticketed” a colleague who would have a money debt with him. As he detailed, It’s sad to go to these extremesBut he said that he had been taught at home that “business had to be serious.”

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“For those who know me, I am little of these laps, but I am also a man; and I had never done this in my career. But not to tell anyone about it, and not to mention it either, but you know who he is. Daddy, just give me your face and give me back the money you made me put in and that’s it”expressed the singer and co-owner of Rancho MX.

Until then it was not clear who the message was addressed to. However, the recipient came out of anonymity on his own and posted a video responding to Bueno. This is Alzate, the author of the hit ‘Maldita treason’.

Alzate responds to Pipe Bueno for claim

The artist responded with his own name to his colleague. He assured that the things he commented on the video are not entirely true and that he is the one who lost money. In addition, he said that Bueno dumped him at the moment he needed it most.

“It seems to me an act of cowardice, because it does not even mention who it is talking about. I am going to speak on my own behalf and it is for Pipe Bueno. Since he decided to go viral, I’m going to say that I’m the one who’s been looking for him. The only thing I see in this is an act of bad intention”, the interpreter of ‘Ya me cansé’ began by explaining.

Alzate declared that the only thing Bueno wants is to damage his image. In addition to the problem would be for a “chichigua” of money. “You will not have the balls to apologize to me publicly. There if he is going to call me at dawn, turned on, to ask for cocoa, ”she commented.

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Although many of the followers of both artists took the issue very seriously and are choosing sides using the numerals #TeamAlzate or #TeamPipe, for others it is a ‘marketing’ strategy for a possible collaboration.