Plazos del Imserso: ventas en septiembre y viajes en octubre | Noticias de Agencias de viajes

This time yes. If there are no last-minute setbacks, the Imserso trips will start on time, returning to “total normality”, as the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Belarra, has promised (Government lunge at Imserso: “The trips will not go up or a penny”).

Just today is the last day to submit new applications for participation in the program. The term, opened on June 27, expires tomorrow. Only those people who were not previously included should register.

Expert sources consulted by privileged They explain that, unlike what happened in the last season, this time there is no reason to think that there may be a delay. In other words, a priori sales of the more than 800,000 seats should start in mid-September. The trips, meanwhile, will start in October.

Last year, in the relaunch of the program after nearly two years of suspension due to the pandemic, the Government’s delay in publishing the specifications and the hoteliers’ objection to them caused an incomprehensible delay in the start-up of the trips. Distribution began in December, three months after the usual date, and the first shipments were delayed until January (Confirmed: Imserso sales from December 14 to 17).

Social Tourism (Ávoris) and Mundiplan (Iberia, IAG7 and Alsa), who will again lead the management of the program, will have to deal this season with some hoteliers who threaten to disassociate themselves from it due to the freezing of prices and the unbridled increase in inflation. Likewise, they will also have to do it with some transport companies, both airlines and buses, totally suffocated by the increase in fuel prices.