¿Por qué es un caso tan público?

¿Por qué es un caso tan público?

Johnny Depp’s lawyers explained why knowing the details of his relationship with Amber Heard is so important to his case.

On April 12, the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. This is the second legal battle between the two stars since they separated in 2016. The reason is still an article published by the actress in The Washington Post in 2018 in which he talked about his experiences of domestic violence, to which Depp assures that all his statements are false.

Probably, this is one of the media trials biggest Hollywood, as it is being broadcast live on cable television and are in play $150 million in lawsuits, in addition to the reputation and credibility of both Amber Heard and Johnny Depp.

Because of this, the most intimate details of their relationship have come to light in the international press, which has paid a lot of attention to the addiction problems of johnny or the multiple lovers of Heard. The first day of the trial was no different, as they revealed intimate details of their relationship and breakup.

Amber Heard and freedom of expression

The latter was highlighted by one of Amber Heard’s lawyers, well rotten, who argued that the details of their relationship were Irrelevant for the case:

«This trial is not a chronicle about the day to day of their marriage. It’s not about who you like best, or which part can kick up the most mud. Ultimately, it’s about the First Amendment – which protects free speech.

Rottenborn refers to the most recent argument presented by the team of amber heard than Johnny Depp’s lawyers tried to stop, which makes use of a series of legal tools that protect people from any type of intimidation to prevent exercise their freedom of expression. This under the argument that Heard never mentioned the famous actor by name, and the reason why he supposedly depth humiliates Heard it is “for revenge”.

Saving Johnny Depp’s Legacy??

These arguments have already been refuted by the team of Johnny Depp in court and have found contradictions in the statements of Heard. But on the first day of the trial, the actor’s lawyers took advantage of the moment to explain the need to disclose the most intimate details of their relationship.

The actor’s lawyers argued that the accusations have caused uNo severe damage to Depp’s careerand that is why it is important to know key points of marriage to demonstrate that the opinion article is a defamation:

“The evidence will show that Ms Heard’s false accusations had a significant impact on Mr Depp’s family and his ability to work in the profession he loved. Ultimately, this trial is about clearing Mr. Depp’s name of a terrible and false accusation.”

rotten I had an answer prepared for this, since after mentioning how johnny ripp had already had problems in his career due to his erratic behavior, he assured that he has full responsibility for what happens: “Any damage to his career was not due to this op-ed. It’s time to make Johnny take responsibility. It’s up to you ladies and gentlemen to make him do it.”

The trial is expected to last more than 6 weeks, in which 11 judges will examine reams of evidence and statements. For now, we have to wait to see how the testimonies of Elon Musk, Paul Bettany and James Franco to know if Johnny Depp will clear his name, or if amber heard will prove to be right.

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