Premios Grammy 2022 EN VIVO minuto a minuto de la ceremonia – Música y Libros – Cultura

Premios Grammy 2022 EN VIVO minuto a minuto de la ceremonia - Música y Libros - Cultura

Since before the award ceremony began grammy 2022, bet because the biggest nominee of the night, John the baptist, protagonist of the soundtrack of Soul, won several gramophones of the many to which he was nominated.

And no surprises baptist He was winning statuettes, many before the television broadcast began, the main show, for which they only leave the most coveted prizes.

The list of prizes awarded at the Grammys (which many call the ‘Anglo Grammy’ to differentiate them from the Latin ones) is quite long. It awards many statuettes to music for audiovisual media, awards albums a cappella, instrumental, spoken and of different genres related to roots and American folklore. For the same, the premiere -before the television show- was also quite extensive. I’m going through blues, jazz, gospel, countrymusic for orchestra, production and engineering categories, packaging design and more.

Latinos have a bunch of categories for albums classified as Latin pop, urban, rock and alternative, tropical, in which there were several Colombians. Of these, only one: Juanes, reached the aforementioned statuette and, although he did not go up to receive it personally, the moment will be unforgettable, due to how difficult it was for the presenter of the award to pronounce both his name and that of the winning album: Origin.

The awards made musical breaks that refreshed the reading of nominees and winners with performances such as those of the Chilean my lovewho performed the song La mujer.

Juan’s reaction

It’s not Juanes’ first (Anglo) Grammy, it’s really the third he’s won. The Colombian did not attend the ceremony because he was traveling through Europe. Paula Jaramillo, his head of communications, indicated that the paisa was landing in Lisbon when his victory was announced.

“Thank you, thank you, God is very great. Thanks to the academy. Colombia, this is for you,” said the singer upon receiving the news at the airport in the Portuguese capital. Juanes reaches this award for the album Origin, in which he made versions in his style of classic songs of all genres, from vallenato to rock and bolero.

The first prizes of the evening

With the Grammy award for best music for a play and best soundtrack, the latter for the music of the five-piece The United States vs Billie Hollyday, the different golden gramophones began to be handed out at the Grammy Awards, from Las Vegas.

The music of the series queen’s gambitalso won the grammys for best soundtrack for audiovisual production, the award went to Carlos Rafael Rivera, in a tie with the music of the film Soul, in which this year’s most nominated artist, Jon Baptiste, participated.

Baptste also won the Grammy for best performance of American roots music with his song Cry. The same theme gave him the award for best American roots song, which rewards composers. In this category, Baptiste shared honors with composer Steve Mc Ewen, co-author of Cry.

Later, Baptiste would win again, this time in the ruble for best music video, for Liberty.

After the categories associated with film and television, which were numerous, prizes were awarded for world music and a cappella albums, as well as for the best new age album, in which he won. Divine Tidesby Steward Copelland and Ricky Kej.

Chick Corea won the gramophone in the category of best solo jazz improvisation, for Humpty Dumpty (Set 2) and he would win again, this time with Chucho Valdez, in the category of best Latin jazz album.

Bad Bunny, Aléx Cuba and other Latin winners

In the Latin categories, the best latin pop album it was for Alex Cubain the category where Camilo and Paula Arenas competed. In Best Urban Music Album bad bunnywith the last tour of the worldhe beat J Balvin, Karol G and Kali Uchis, among other urban music figures.

Juanes had better luck with the album origin, winner in the category of best Latin rock or alternative album.

In regional Mexican music, the award was posthumous to Vicente Fernandez. In the last of the Latin categories, the best tropical Latin album was salswing!, by Ruben Blades and Roberto Delgado Orchestra.

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