Presentadora contó sobre el milagro que le salvó la vida luego de una cirugía estética

The presenter Sandra Bohórquez told the story she lived after undergoing cosmetic surgery when she was Miss Santander to “look better” for the beauty contest.

I feel that it is a surgery that is not as risky as others. I had the surgery and a week later I felt bad”, Sandra narrated in dialogue with Laura Acuña on her YouTube channel, in which she mentioned that it was her mother who told her that the symptoms she had after the aesthetic procedure were not normal.

The presenter of express tomorrow, of the RCN channel, pointed out that he was in a coma and it was his mother who experienced that complex moment firsthand. “When I woke up, the truth was a miracle. Doctors say yours was God and your youth. Because a bacteria from the operating room entered the surgery. Those bacteria kill people, or they are left without a leg, an arm, or an invalid. It was not my case, thank God,” said Sandra Bohórquez.

The model also highlighted how she was saved from this situation that she experienced after the surgery. “Doctors did not give a penny,” said the presenter when she said that no treatment served to improve her health.

Sandra’s mother did not give up despite the doctors’ opinion and clung to a miracle to save her daughter’s life. “A colleague called her and told her that there is an apparition of the Mystic Rose, we don’t know her and she is very miraculous. My mom went and the lady has a connection, she is a clairvoyant or I don’t know what she can be called, and she told her: you parents, don’t worry because you are going to experience a great miracle.”

Sandra commented that “she experienced a miracle”, because the doctor told her that “something” told her to perform the surgery and that the infection went down and she could be saved. “I didn’t see the tunnel. God allowed me to see evil and I saw sad women with demon masks, very strange things, but they were human. I listened to my parents next door, but I couldn’t have them. I thought she was crazy”.

The presenter then commented in her story that she saw a very beautiful woman, approached her and smiled at her and after that moment “she felt peace”. She then woke up and the nurses were amazed at her recovery and she immediately called her mom.

Sandra said that she was still in great disbelief about what she saw and felt, but then she had the advice of a priest who gave her an explanation about what she experienced in the operating room. “A priest explained to me that you were before God, He brought you back to life when you were already dead. God has great things for you in life. This that happened to you must be known by many people, ”replied the presenter.

The presenter said that she saw a Virgin with three roses in her hand. “The Mystic Rose visited you”, they told Sandra, who after this episode, she and her family got closer to God and as she narrates it, she is “a better person”.

Plastic surgeries, what aspects should be taken into account?

The field of plastic surgery groups three large sectors: aesthetic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; the latter is the one that allows correcting congenital deformities and post-traumatic defects. There are several surgical procedures of this type that are performed each year in Colombia.

According to data from the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, in 2019 the country was the third in Latin America with the most plastic surgeries performed. With the arrival of the coronavirus in 2020, cosmetic operations decreased by almost 50%, but since October 2021 they have been on the rise again.

Before undergoing plastic surgery, it is important to bear in mind that any surgical procedure has a risk, therefore, Dr. Catherine Barón, reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeon attached to Colsanitas, mentions five key points that must be carefully considered:

  • Choose a suitable and specialized surgeon.
  • Get a medical assessment.
  • Correctly choose the clinic for your procedure.
  • The times and the postoperative process and healing process must be taken into account.
  • Be clear about what type of surgery the person is going to undergo.