Pueblos Mágicos ideales para el descanso: 3 atractivos destinos para relajarse con alojamiento desde 600 pesos

Isla Tzibanza has more than 11 luxury cabins. (Photo: Sector)

Mexico is known for boasting beautiful and diverse tourist attractions in much of the country. Its states even have Magic towns Named for the rich culture and stories they offer both locals and visitors.

It has little towns to venture out and throw yourself out of the paragliding or climbingbut it also has some destinations that are ideal to marvel at its natural beauty and relax.

Cadereyta de Montes, Queretaro

It is one of the best regions for ecotourism, besides Cadereyta de Montes, Located in Querétaro, it invites you to contemplate its landscapes in all their majesty, gastronomy, culture and traditions. It also has several wine fields and the traditional Wine and Cheese route, where you can taste the best of the area.

Cadereyta.  (Photo: Sector)
Cadereyta. (Photo: Sector)

Here you can camp, go for walks, visit its caves, archaeological sites and the popular Tzibanza Islanda beautiful luxury site, ideal for rest. In this place, visitors can be dazzled by its beautiful natural views.

It is a rest sanctuary surrounded by nature that was formed in the 1990s, when the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) built the Zimapán Dam.

With an area of ​​23 square kilometers and an altitude of 1,870 meters above sea level, it has 12 luxury cabinsfully equipped and for up to four people. To be able to stay in one of them it is necessary to book at least two months in advance.

It was incorporated into the Magic Towns program since 2011. Other attractions include the Velo Novia waterfall, Historic Center, Zimapán Dam, Grutas de la Esperanza and Los Piñones, among others.

Accommodation in this beautiful site ranges from 600 pesos to more than 2 thousand pesos per night. If you wish to reserve in the luxury cabins of the Tzibanza Island the approximate cost is one thousand 200 pesos for adults and 700 for children per night.

Malinalco, State of Mexico

With cobbled streets and abundant vegetation, is the picturesque little town of Malinalco in the State of Mexico. It was named like this in 2010 and has been the site of important historical events such as the signing of valuable documents by the independence fighters at the time of the Revolution.

In Malinalco you can practice golf.  (Sector)
In Malinalco you can practice golf. (Sector)

In this site you can admire its cultural beauty. For example, the archaeological zone of Malinalco, located on the hill of the Idols, is one of the most beautiful places in this little town, where you can also appreciate the panoramic view. In addition, you can practice golf at the club of the same name, ride a bike, visit some galleries, among other activities.

Its name is made up of malinalli, a gramineous plant called “zacate del carbonero”, with which ropes or mecates are made; from xóchitl: “flower” and from co: “in”. Therefore, it means “Where Malinalxóchitl, the malinalli flower, is worshipped.”

In your local kitchen you will find cecina tacos with chorizo, or Malinalco trout, to experiment you can also try the iguana broth or frog tamales; all made with strips of nopal, onion, french fries and its sauce molcajeteada of three chilies, accompanied of course by a glass of pulque or mezcal from the area.

The lodging in this case goes from the 600 to more than 7 thousand pesos, It will depend on the site of your choice.

Ixtapan de la Sal, State of Mexico

It has a good sunny climate and famous hot springs with healing properties and exuberant vegetation, this place is located in the State of Mexico. Magic Town cataloged as ideal for rest, meditation and relaxation, thanks to the excellent massage and physiotherapy services it offers.

Ixtapan de la Sal. (Photo: Sectur)
Ixtapan de la Sal. (Photo: Sectur)

It was named Magical Town in 2015 and to pamper the palate during your visit to this region, its local gastronomy offers chilacayotes in pipián and pork meat, turkey in red mole, and beef belly or often.

If you have eclectic tastes and you are in the rainy season, ask for some calates in green sauce. Also typical are the pork rind, bean, broad bean, and cottage cheese gorditas; or tamales of all kinds. As desserts you can find sweet nugget and ates, jellies and fruit jams. The typical drink is fresh lime water.

This destination is ideal to admire the magical creations of its inhabitants, who make pottery products: vases, vases, pots; wood carving: toys, containers, kitchen utensils, among others.

You can also enjoy its water park or Star Caveswhich have some rock formations.

Lodging at this relaxation site, which also offers steam baths, ranges from 600 pesos to more than 2,000 pesos, depending on the hotel that provides its services.


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