Pueblos Mágicos poco conocidos: 4 destinos ideales para explorar con hospedaje desde los mil pesos

In the Magical Town of Macota you can get on a kayak. (Photo: Sector)

If you find yourself planning your holidays to different or little known places, ideal to explore, then this information will interest you. These are four captivating Magic towns to discover at the time you prefer.

And it will be necessary to remember that each region of the country considered magical offers its visitors a wide variety of activities, incomparable images and places to be in contact with nature.

Sisal, Yucatan

This region can be considered as the home of the pink flamingo, since it is the habitat of a considerable colony of these specimens. The port of Sisal was one of the most important in the colonial era, as it was a meeting point for various cultures to trade tobacco, cotton, among other products to the old continent.

Sisal, Yucatan.  (Photo: Sector)
Sisal, Yucatan. (Photo: Sector)

It is an ideal place to explore in the middle of nature. Visitors can get on a boat to take a tour of the mangroves it houses, as well as enjoy beautiful panoramic views and crocodile sightings.

This little town of white sand and crystal clear waters is present on the northeast coast of Yucatan, a place that today is distinguished by belonging to an area of ​​great biological influence for the Caribbean.

Accommodation in this destination ranges from thousand pesos at 6 thousand pesosaccording to some local internet sites.

Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

This magical place is a paradise that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, where its charming beaches will seduce tourists. Its artistic life in its galleries, festivals and the subtle charm of its streets will envelop more than one person in this area of ​​the state of Baja California Sur.

The Hotel California is famous in the region for its history.  (Photo: Sector)
The Hotel California is famous in the region for its history. (Photo: Sector)

Todos Santos has a famous legend of the Hotel California, building that was the inspiration for the group “Eagles” (American country rock band) to compose the worldwide song that bears his name.

The small town located on top of a plateau in the foothills of La Sierra de la Laguna (a biosphere reserve in the municipalities of La Paz and Los Cabos) was incorporated into the program in 2006.

Accommodation can be found in this little town from thousand up to more than 3 thousand pesos per night

Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla

Located in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, this region will give visitors the opportunity to marvel at beautiful natural landscapes. In addition, in these sites you can also go hiking, biking, rappelling or climbing in the Tetela Canyon.

Panoramic view in Tetela de Ocampo.  (Photo: Sector)
Panoramic view in Tetela de Ocampo. (Photo: Sector)

The Aconco Waterfalls are also a pleasant experience for walkers, an ecotourism center to relax, enjoy the waterfall or go for walks.

If you want to stay in this small town noted for its participation in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, the prices found range from 500 to more than 2 thousand pesos.

Mascot, Jalisco

With a peculiar name and great attractions, Mascota is located in the Sierra Madre Occidental, where you can discover a rare combination of culture and nature.

Pet, Jalisco.  (Photo: Sector)
Pet, Jalisco. (Photo: Sector)

One of its attractions is the Corrinchis Dam with its two islands: El Conejo and El Besowhere the walkers will be able to embrace various experiences such as hiking, skiing, kayaking or boat rides, fishing, sailing; or ride its banks on horseback.

Mascota comes from Amaxacotlán, Mazacotla, Amaxocotlán which means: place of deer and snakes. In the pre-Hispanic era it was a cacicazgo that supervised the towns of Chacala, Talpa, and El Tuito, the original group was the tecos; In 1525 the Spaniards arrived from Colima to conquer the territories to the north and west and received the name of Valle de Banderas.

While the cuisine of this town will pamper its visitors with an excellent Pozole. Desserts are fruit-based: as sweets, fresh or in snow.

It has other attractions of culture, nature and adventure such as: the Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows; the El Tacote Canyon; the El Rincón de Ixcatán Waterfall; the El Coamil de las Naranjas Waterfall; the El Molino Museum, among others. He joined the towns program in 2015.

Accommodation in this destination ranges from thousand pesos to more than 6 thousand pesos. It must be remembered that in Mexico there are 132 Magical Towns, each one with stories, which have sometimes been the scene of transcendental events.


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