Qué dice lenguaje corporal de Cris Rock luego de la cachetada de Will Smith – Cine y Tv – Cultura

Qué dice lenguaje corporal de Cris Rock luego de la cachetada de Will Smith - Cine y Tv - Cultura

What did Chris Rock think after being slapped by Will Smith? Spidey, a ‘youtuber’ who is dedicated to the analysis of the body language of people, examined the scene that was a world trend during the ceremony of the Oscar Awards 2022 and gave his opinion about it.

With more than 58,000 subscribers, ‘The Behavioral Arts’ (in Spanish, ‘Las artes del behavioral’) is not only a very popular YouTube channel, but has also become a true source of reference in everything related to the non-verbal communication.

Something similar to what Tim Roth’s character did, the remembered ‘Dr. Carl Lightman’, in the successful series ‘Lie to me’, inspired by the scientific work of psychologist Paul Ekman.

What was the expert’s analysis?

After the incredible repercussion that Smith’s attack on Rock had in full gala, the ‘youtuber’ analyzed the body language of the protagonists and tried to answer, through those signs, if the slap was armed or if, indeed, the protagonist of ‘The Williams method’ got out of his boxes.

He also analyzed what went through the mind of the actor attacked after receiving that slap that went viral.

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(Don’t see from the app? Watch the video here).

“After Chris Rock was hit by Will Smith, he said something really revealing,” the analyst noted. What was it he said? “That was the best night in television history”, Spidey said, quoting the comedian’s unexpected line after receiving a slap from Smith.

Spidey explained that what should be highlighted in that simple phrase that Rock released, is the use of the verb “was” by the comedian. By using that word, explains the ‘youtuber’, the actor is “talking about this moment in the past”, which suggests that “his thoughts of him jumped to the next day”.

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He has a very quick mind

According to the expert, this behavior indicates that as soon as he received the slap, Rock’s mind could have drifted towards the headlines of the portals, the memes and all the repercussions after the incident.

He is thinking of that moment as if it were in the past and uses it as motivation to keep his composure”, specified Spidey.

The ‘youtuber’ also assured that the comedian kept his composure “very well” after the slap and pointed out that this is due to his experience in the middle.

In addition, he focused on the actor’s body attitude: instead of responding to the blow, he immediately put his hands behind his back, something that the expert described as “self-control”.

For Spidey, Rock’s reflexes in a moment of high heart rate, and with everyone’s eyes on him, they are the result of his years, even decades, of working as a stand-up comedian. get up.

And he affirmed that the humorist’s response after the slap was that of a “professional and experienced comedian who throws himself into the ring.”

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The expert insisted on the idea that the words used by the humorist are further proof of his “containment” at a critical moment. “It’s like he realizes what’s going on and leans into it.”, he explained. And he stressed: “He has a very quick mind.”

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