qué dijo de James Rodríguez en charla inédita que tuvieron

qué dijo de James Rodríguez en charla inédita que tuvieron

Carlos Antonio Vélez has been characterized as one of the critics of James Rodríguez, to the point that he considered that he should be one of the footballers who should retire from the Colombian National Team.

From there, he surprised during an interview with Semana magazine by indicating that his questions are in line with the professional and stating that he had a personal conversation with the footballer.

“I just say what I have to say, this is not about feelings. I don’t have to love anyone, except my wife, my children, my life and some friends. The rest… the rest is a rigorous judgment. I gave myself the luxury, at the Eurostar in Madrid, to say it to James’ face, ”she assured.

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The communicator asserted that this meeting took place in 2016 when the cucuteño was in his first stage with Real Madrid and revealed his questions in that unpublished talk.

“I told him: ‘Would you allow me to tell you a little thing? And I hope I don’t bother you.’ He attended me very dearly, we talked for a long time. He knew that I was criticizing him and I told him: ‘When a person has problems with Benítez, Zidane and Ranieri, with four or five bosses, the problem is not the boss. The problem is one. Why don’t you think that? Think about it’. And that he had not gone to Bayern and had not fought with the Croatian. He had not yet gone to the second stage in Madrid to fight with ‘Zizou’ again”, he said.

Vélez, who referred to Rodríguez as a millionaire man, but conformist due to his current status as a player in Qatar, explained that he cannot give more details about that conversation because he agreed with the midfielder.

“Talk later. The truth is that he paid attention and I promised him that I would never say it and I will never say it. He was very loved, but I did feel the obligation to tell him that before the final in Milan, before Real Madrid played Atlético de Madrid. I told him: ‘Man, I think ‘Zizou’ is doing the right thing because you have not complied. What do we do? It is that here the level is another. Talent on those soccer teams is a fringe issue,’” he noted.

The RCN Radio commentator has been one of the critics of the ’10’ for his departure for Qatari football, but he has also praised him during his presence in that competition.