¿Que pasará con Amber Heard si Johnny Depp gana el juicio en su contra?

The controversial and globally followed trial for defamation experienced by the former couple made up of the actors Johnny Depp Y amber heard It is generating a lot of questions about the future that awaits both stars. And this time, she is analyzing what could happen to Amber if she loses the lawsuit.

When only fifteen months had passed since their wedding, the actress requested a divorce in May 2016 and argued the “irreconcilable differences” between them.

“Our relationship has been as passionate as it is volatile, but always marked by love.”

They said so in a joint statement. After the separation agreement, she would receive the amount of seven million dollars (about 6,700,000 euros) that she, as she announced, she would donate to charitable causes. “Neither side has lied or made false accusations for financial gain. There has been no intention to harm us physically or emotionally.”

According to various international media, it was revealed that if the jury considers that Amber Heard is guilty in the complaint made by Johnny Depp, then the damages that the actirz will have to pay to the legendary actor will be determined, which consists of 50 million of US dollars.

If the jury finds that Amber Heard defamed Depp, they would only have to pay the amount Depp is asking for because the actress is not exposed to a prison sentence because she does not face any criminal charges.

For Amber Heard to be tried criminally, Johnny would have to file complaints where he argues with evidence all the physical abuse he may have suffered from Heard.