qué se dijeron luego del Liverpool contra Watford

qué se dijeron luego del Liverpool contra Watford

Although Luis Díaz has made an important impact in Liverpool, he was not part of the team in the 2-0 victory against Watford in the 31st match of the England tournament.

The one who was with the losing team was Juan Camilo ‘Cucho’ Hernández, who for 78 minutes could not contribute enough on offense to make a difference on the scoreboard.

Both players met again after 7 years from when they were part of the Colombia U-20 National Team in the 2017 South American Championship, in which the team finished in sixth place.

Precisely, although they did not see each other on the field, the former teammates had a crossover of messages through social networks about what this new opportunity to share together was.

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Luis Díaz and ‘Cucho’ Hernández: what was said after Liverpool vs. watford

Risaraldense took the initiative from his personal Instagram account to show an image with the peasant, in which they hugged after the Liverpool and Watford match.

“What a joy to see you again, brother,” Hernández said on that postcard, in which Díaz left him an equally affectionate comment: “Great little brother, blessings.”

The truth is that ‘Lucho’ returned favors to ‘Cucho’ in another publication in his Instagram stories hours later with the same image and a simple fraternal message: “What quality little brother. God bless you”.

This was the publication in which Hernández highlighted that reunion he had with his former teammate, after seven years since they were on the same payroll.

This was the publication with which the peasant returned the greeting to his former teammate in the youth team after the match in the Premier League.

Instagram @luisdiaz19_
Instagram @luisdiaz19_