“Queremos ser la súper app de referencia para los micronegocios de América Latina”

In the midst of the pandemic, Treinta emerged, an application that aims to digitize micro-businesses in Latin America, as well as to become a strategic ally to boost their businesses and contribute to financial inclusion.

This week, Man Hei Lou, co-founder of the brand, announced the launch of his dataphonea new service that will be offered to shopkeepers so that their customers have more payment options. In addition, he stressed that the goal is to deliver 100,000 units and reach two million users in Colombia.

How did the company come about and what is the ultimate purpose?

With my partner Lluis Canadell we met at the university, and after working in different companies we understood that the region was becoming digital, although small businesses were still the same as 10 years ago, basically writing down everything on paper and with very basic inventory management, so in August 2020 we decided to start Thirty.

The app allows you to record sales, expenses, and we have the vision of becoming the reference Super App for micro-businesses in Latin America.

How many users do you have and what is the projection for Colombia?

We currently have more than five million users in 18 countries in the region. In Colombia we have 1.2 million customers and the goal is to reach two million this year.

How much does the Colombian market represent for the brand?

We were born in Colombia with the mission of being in the entire region. Currently the country is the most important for us and represents a little more than 20% of the business, focused on companies being able to be more competitive.

What other products do you offer through your platform?

We have created a virtual catalog in which businesses can also use the app to create their own online store, advertising or their contact card, and this year we launched different products where they can sell top-ups or buy from the platform.

We are also launching the dataphone to help shopkeepers accept payment methods other than cash. We know that 95% of microbusiness sales are made in cash, but the number of debit and credit cards grows 10% each year, and that is what we want to promote.

Regarding this launch, what is new about the dataphone? What is its average price?

Our dataphone includes a SIM card and we supply the data, that is, the shopkeeper or microentrepreneur will not have to pay for this service and will receive the money from the sales within 24 business hours. This will be compatible with Bancolombia, Davivienda, Daviplata, Nequi, Red Aval, among others. In addition, it does not require connecting to a cell phone to work, it receives all national and international Mastercard, Visa, Maestro cards and contactless payments.

For each sale made, the merchant will have to pay a commission of 2.99% and it has a price of $120,000, which includes free shipping throughout Colombia. We expect to deliver more than 100,000 units.

Will they advance an investment round?

In April 2022 we closed our Series A for US$46 million. With this money we are focused on continuing to grow and above all on scaling the products in a solid way.