“¿Quién cuida a tus hijos más chicos?”: Marité Matus cuenta detalles de su viaje a Barcelona con ‘Monito’ Vidal

July 16, 2022 – 2:02 p.m.

These days, the Chilean influencer and celebrity Maria Teresa “Marite” Matus is traveling in Barcelona with his eldest son, Alonsofor medical reasons.

Let us remember that the firstborn of Matus and Arturo Vidal is diagnosed with diabetesand his disease is periodically controlled by specialists from the “old continent”.

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Who do your other children stay with in Chile?

Matus confirmed on his Instagram account that the trip was made only with Alonso, thus leaving his minor children, Elizabeth and Emilianoin Chile.

During a round of questions he asked on the aforementioned social network, Matus revealed who the children stay with in Chile, explaining that they are with their maternal grandmotherthat is, with Marité’s mother.

“Who takes care of your youngest children when you have to travel with Alonso?” Was the query that Marité received, answering that the children are taken care of “the best grandmother that my children have been able to have, my wonderful mother”.

“Without her, how difficult it would be to be here and calm. Eternally grateful to my mom“He added, also adding emojis of love.

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Story of Marite Matus

Why did you travel without Camilo Huerta?

Another of the questions they asked her on her social networks had to do with the reasons why she was not accompanied by her boyfriend. Camilo Huerta and Barcelona.

In this regard, he pointed out in the first instance that “because he stayed with the children (joke)”, adding emojis crying with laughter. Then I need to “This trip is 100% for my Alonsito”thus emphasizing the importance of this medical visit.

Story of Marite Matus
Story of Marite Matus

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