Quién era la esposa de Freddy Rincón; tuvo varias y una es de Brasil

Quién era la esposa de Freddy Rincón; tuvo varias y una es de Brasil

The midfielder who died in Cali after a serious traffic accident avoided appearing in public with his sentimental partners after his retirement did not speak of them either. In an interview with Telepacifico he even said that he did not consider himself a womanizer.

However, it is known that the former player of Santa Fe, América, Real Madrid, Napoli, Palmeiras and Corinthians shared with 3 women with whom he had to their 4 children; Freddy Steven, Sebastianwho posted a photo supporting his dad in the hospital— and 2 others about which little is known.

Freddy Rincón and the women who were his wives

The first woman from Rincón, the first Colombian to play for Real Madrid, is called Piedad Hernández. He is from Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, the same city where ‘el Coloso’ was born, El País, from Cali, indicated in a past article.

With her he had his firstborn, Freddy Stevenwho also tried to be a footballer. But he had an accident with a wire, lost an eye and never played again, the newspaper said. He now maintains a reserved life, as well as his mother’s.

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Later, the author of the goal against Germany in Italy 90, who also made history in the Brazilian soccer league, became romantically involved with Adriana Lucumí, a woman from Cali who captivated him with her beauty.

The woman is the mother of her second son, Sebastián Rincón, a soccer player for Barracas Central, in Argentina. Her relationship with her did not prosper either and they separated some time later. Lucumí lived in the United States and rebuilt her life with another man.

Here are some current photos of Freddy Rincón’s second ex-wife:

Finally, there is Priscila Silvestre, a Brazilian who conquered the heart of Freddy Rincón when this suffered another accident, which he survived by his muscular strength.

The woman is the mother of Rincón’s 2 minor children, about whom little is known. According to El País, from Cali, one was a boy and the other a girl.

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The following photograph is known of the Brazilian ex-wife of Valle del Cauca, which was taken when he was in the clinic for the accident a few years ago: