Ramiro Meneses y Aida Bossa se quitaron el delantal negro

Ramiro Meneses y Aida Bossa se quitaron el delantal negro

A new salvation challenge arrived in which the members of the teams that lost the group challenge had to facee to try to take off the black apron and On this occasion, the challenge was carried out in pairs that were selected in a quick challenge in which the participants had to remove a chicken perfectly in the shortest possible time.

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The winners of this mini challenge were Natalia Ramírez, Carlos Báez, Manuela González and Ramiro Meneses that they could choose the couple to face a challenge in which all the participants had to replicate a dish that was being made by an expert chef who was invited to the kitchen of masterchef celebrity, but before Tostao had the opportunity to assemble the couples as he pleased, but he decided not to.

The participants began to prepare their dish following in the footsteps of the guest chef, but the surprise came when the chef finished cooking and did not make any plating, reason why the celebrities had to get all their creativity to be able to plate their preparations.

It was time to evaluate the dishes and Nicolas de Zubiria, Christopher Carpentier and Jorge Rausch They had a hard time choosing the couple who was going to take off their black apron and go up to the balcony, but in the end they deliberated and chose Ramiro Meneses and Aída Bossa as the winners of the challenge.

“They put the jury in a bind, they did a fantastic job, very similar flavors, very good textures, they really understood what the challenge asked for and it was to emulate what the chef did and we had a fantastic challenge. Only one couple will be able to remove the black apron and that couple is Aida, Ramiro, they are the winners of this challenge”, said Nicolás de Zubiría.

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