Reabrirán, desde este sábado, las Tiendas Justo & Bueno: estos son los detalles

On Thursday, May 12, a public hearing was held in which the Superintendency of Companies announced the decision to give time to the reorganization process of the Justo & Bueno store company. In view of this, with the agreements it was established that from this Saturday, May 14, some workers of the merchandise business chain will return to work and open several stores.

The liquidating agent of the technical body, attached to the Ministry of Commerce, Darío Laguado Monsalve, took on the task in the process that aims to give new life to the organization that has various stores in various parts of the country.

Alongside César Higuita, head of the Justo & Bueno workers’ union, Laguado reported that Those collaborators who wish to participate in the first part of the store rescue plan will receive the corresponding payment for the days they work.

It is worth mentioning that, last Thursday, the delegate superintendent Santiago Londoño had declared through a public hearing the order of a judicial liquidation, as requested by the legal representatives, after the impossibility of fulfilling the obligations before the creditors.

However, due to multiple petitions involving hundreds of creditors, The decision was made to give a deadline in which, through a follow-up, a rescue plan is presented that possibly revives the supermarket chain.

One of the creditors who made the request for suspension was Marco Gerardo Monroy, from the company MGM Sustainable Energy SAS, which provided refrigeration equipment for the company, according to Monroy himself during the hearing that will be resumed in a month.

“As a creditor, I express my interest in accepting article 6 of decree 560, asking your honor to please suspend the effects of the liquidation, except for the appointment of the liquidator so that he confirms the situation of the negative equity of the company”, Monroy told the judge.

Despite the deadline, after the hearing that lasted more than eight hours, the judge of the Superintendency of Companies, Santiago Londoño, appointed the liquidating agent, Darío Laguado Monsalve, who will be in charge of the company in the process that still has the hope of not reaching a total liquidation of the company. Decision that, depending on the results of the rescue plan, will be taken later in another hearing.

According to what was communicated by the designated settlement agent, This plan also contemplates the restitution of premises of people who do not wish to participate. For these, it is expected to reach a solution before June 12, with a delivery of the spaces in a civilized manner.

Regarding labor contracts, Laguado Monsalve announced that these are still in force for workers. However, for the administrators, the hiring does not continue, as ordered by the judge in the case.

the supermarket company seeks effective solutions to balance the balance, adjust to the payment schedule and with the rescue plan gradually solve the pending acquired because of the economic decline that occurred some time ago.

Also, next week the issue of job stability for employees will be addressed. For now, the start of the plan for the organization that seeks to resurface has started, but for that to happen, the support of the workers who want to continue is a decisive action.