Rechazo en Atlético Nacional a batalla campal entre hinchas en Cota

Rechazo en Atlético Nacional a batalla campal entre hinchas en Cota

Atletico Nacional did not remain silent due to the pitched battle between “purslane” fans on the Chía-Cota road. In the press conference after the game, Carlos ‘Piscis’ Restrepo began his speech with a clear and forceful message against the violent who camouflage themselves in football to commit criminal acts.

“As an institution, we reject the acts that occurred before the game that are not good or healthy so that we live football in peace. We make a call for people to reconsider and we can, really, live football in a calm way and hopefully as a family “he claimed.

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For his part, Sebastián Gómez, who came out as the figure of the meeting, expressed: “I am with the line of the teacher. We reject all violence that has happened because this is a sport that must be lived in peace, enjoy it and we are against everything that has happened”.

Below are the statements of ‘Pisces’ Restrepo and Sebastián Gómez:

Clashes between fans on the Chía-Cota road

Moments of tension were experienced on Saturday on the roads of Cundinamarca due to attacks between fans of National Athletic, that frightened travelers and passersby, in the previous clash of this team against Tunja Patriotsby the date 14 of the BetPlay League 1 2022.

According to videos shared on social networks, the clashes in the municipality of Cota were carried out by members of the groups ‘Nación Verdolaga’ and ‘Los Del Sur’that despite the fact that they follow the same club they are historically rivals.

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Several years, The ‘Nación Verdolaga’ collective is prohibited from entering the Atanasio Girardot stadiumbecause they have been accused of being the protagonists of different violent events.

At the moment, it was confirmed that five people were injured, two of them seriously. “There are fans of Nacional on the side of the northern variant, some who come from Medellín and others from Bogotá. Those who come from Antioquia wait for those who come from the capital of the Republic and attack them with machetes, sharp weapons, knives, sticks and stones. There are five injured fans, two seriously., The mayor of Cota, Néstor Guitarrero, told Noticias Caracol.