Residente: productor revela lujos pedidos del cantante para visita a Perú – Gente – Cultura

Residente: productor revela lujos pedidos del cantante para visita a Perú - Gente - Cultura

The Puerto Rican rapper, composer and singer René Pérez, known as Residente, has been at the center of the controversy for a few weeks due to the criticism he has launched against the Colombian singer J Balvin, to whom he even alludes in his latest single. .

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The eyes continue on the musician, because a few days ago some of the demands made by the Puerto Rican to give a concert a few years ago in Peru came to light, leaving the organizers of the event surprised, since the list included even armored cars.

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César Ramos, owner of the production company Masterlive, in Peru, accompanied the content creator Carlos Orozco on his YouTube channel to talk about different topics, including the time that Residente visited the South American country.

Ramos began by saying that for the ‘Vivo por el Rock’ event, which took place in 2010, the rapper requested the best presidential suite in the country, armored cars, to which they are added to the list in the category ‘difficult to obtain’, according to the words of the businessman.

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Additionally, in the interview on Orozco’s YouTube channel -which reaches 167,000 subscribers- the producer assured that the singer’s requests were fully complied with because he was already in the country and his participation in the event had already been announced. event, but they did not stop surprising him because I expected requests with less luxury, given the simplicity that the Puerto Rican rapper professes.

“I remember that I asked for many things that I did not expect. He caught me by surprise because I didn’t expect it from Residente. He expected more ‘quiet’ requests and then he asked me for things that were more difficult to obtain”, Ramos emphasized.

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In fact, one of the darts that Residente has thrown at reggaeton player J Balvin is precisely that he boasts about his money and the luxuries that come with it. It is worth mentioning that the former member of Calle 13 usually broadcasts a speech requesting better conditions for his compatriots in Puerto Rico, but with the revelations of the music producer the controversy is open.

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