Retrasos: los 10 peores y los 10 mejores aeropuertos de Europa, 4 españoles

European airports have registered a strong recovery in their traffic since March, but due to the shortage of personnel in the entire aviation ecosystem – airlines, handling, air navigation and border filters – they have been unable to meet the abrupt demand. Summer is proving to be an operational challenge and a hellish experience for passengers, stuck in huge queues, long delays or with canceled flights. A study reveals the 10 worst and the 10 best (4 Spanish).

In fact, several of the main European airports are reducing their operating capacity -as are some airlines-, limiting the number of passengers, take-offs and landings to relieve the system and stabilize its operation, after a few days of true chaos, which is also strikes called by active staff are contributing.

When talking about the worst performing European airports in this chaotic summer, one of the first to come to mind might be London Heathrowthe main one in the United Kingdom and the first in Europe in international traffic, especially if we remember the daunting images of days ago of mountains of suitcases without leaving the planes along with the passengers or without being delivered to their owners. However, there are worse. In fact, It’s not even in the Top 10 for delays this month. It ranks 15th on that list, with an average of 51% of its flights delayed, since the beginning of July.

The ranking belongs to Hopper, an online travel agency and travel intelligence platform with more than 70 million clients, backed by Goldman, whose roots are in aviation and Big Data.

Site data is collected through Official Aviation Guide, a leading provider of digital flight information and analytics to airports, airlines and travel technology companies, in order to keep customers informed of disruptions to their booked routes. . The figures, which reflect a three-day delay, are more up-to-date than any public data source.

the 10 worst

Top 10 airports in Europe with a significant volume of passengers, with the highest percentage of flights delayed and canceled between July 1 and 10, 2022. Data obtained from OAG. (Table made by Hopper)

top 10

Top 10 airports in Europe with a significant volume of passengers, with the lowest percentage of delayed and canceled flights between July 1 and 10, 2022. Data obtained from OAG. (Table made by Hopper)

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