Revela Pepe Aguilar que le ha afectado la polémica por el noviazgo de Ángela

Recently, the famous Mexican singer Pepe Aguilar He has made it known that he has been affected by the controversy over the courtship of Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau after the photographs were leaked.

The singer spoke about how his daughter has faced the controversy and how much it has hurt him to see the situation he is going through.

More than a month after the start of the controversy Due to the leaking of the photographs where Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau are kissing, which confirmed their courtship, Pepe Aguilar broke his silence and announced that this controversy has affected him emotionally.

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As you may remember, it was last April 5 when, on social networks, photographs began to circulate in which Ángela Aguilar and the composer Gussy Lau shared a kiss, which caused the singer to confirm their courtship.

In this way, during this time, the singer had preferred to remain silent, since he had assured that he would talk about the subject until he felt ready.

However, finally, this May 12, in an interview for Despierta América, he acknowledged that the leak of the photographs seriously affected his family and it hurt him that they exposed his daughter in that way and see her suffer.

What one wants is the welfare of the children, never in life do they want them to cry, to suffer, to go through unpleasant situations. It is what hurts you as a father, that things hurt your children. I felt like any parent with a child in the eye of the storm would feel, but I know who my daughter is, and I definitely love her, adore her, love her and we’re working things out as a family.”

However, the singer assured that his daughter is currently fortunately well, because he understood that this controversy could not ruin his career and he had to concentrate on his projects.

He also took the opportunity to emphasize that Ángela is 18 years old, so she is a girl and had no experience in this type of controversy, which affected her, but she is sure that she will learn from what she lived.

She is an artist who has her whole life ahead of her and definitely everyone learns from things that happen, “said the interpreter of Prometiste.

To finish, he emphasized that, at the time, both he and his daughter Ángela will speak to the press regarding the subject, if they consider it pertinent; however, at the moment they prefer to handle it only as a family.

It is worth mentioning that Pepe mentioned that he had decided to remain silent to protect his daughter, since if he gave a statement regarding the controversy, it could become larger and affect the interpreter more.

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