Ricardo Montaner cuenta cómo será parto de Evaluna Montaner y Camilo Echeverry

Ricardo Montaner cuenta cómo será parto de Evaluna Montaner y Camilo Echeverry

The actress and singer, who has two little-known stepbrothers, is already in her last weeks of pregnancy, her father said, and for the same reason The entire Montaner family paused their projects to surround Evaluna and Camilo Echeverry at the birth of their first child.

In addition to telling in an interview with ‘Ventaneando’ that They still don’t know if Indigo, as the baby will be called, is a boy or a girlHe also revealed some details of the delivery that his daughter will have.

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The artist, whose children do not actually have the famous surname, indicated that his daughter decided to have her baby at home, just as he was born more than 60 years ago.

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To do this, she said, she will have a “midwife” to assist her. Furthermore, Montaner added, It is possible that Evaluna has her baby underwater, but it is something that she and Camilo, her husband, will decide at that time.

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“We are all with the creeps waiting for the arrival. It will be my fifth grandchild and I am very happy. My wife too, happy, helping to prepare everything. […] Evaluna is a whole belly, giant, beautiful and wonderful. I come to eat with her and they don’t know the family hubbub we have, “shared the Argentine singer.

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In this video you can hear the details of Evaluna Montaner’s birth, told by Ricardo Montaner: