Ricardo Montaner revela finalmente a quién se parece Índigo, la hija de Camilo y Evaluna  

Ricardo Montaner revela finalmente a quién se parece Índigo, la hija de Camilo y Evaluna  

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Camilo and Evaluna Montaner announced last week the birth of Indigo with some tender photographs in which the feet of the minor appear and some of the moments that the new mother lived during labor.

“Indigo was born. God was present in every second of the birth in our home. She is a happy and curious girl”, the proud wrote in a post shared on Instagram.

Since the arrival of the baby was announced, Ricardo Montaner, Indigo’s loving grandfather, has not tired of shouting to the world the emotion caused by the birth of his granddaughter.

Camilo and Evaluna confirmed the birth of Indigo
Photo: Instagram @camilo

Recently in an interview for Show Caracol of the Colombian chain Snail NewsThe Venezuelan singer spoke of the daughter of Camilo and Evaluna, and how her presence came to illuminate the Montaner family.

“I’m drooling, I’m crazy, Indigo arrived at a wonderful moment in our lives, we are living a moment of absolute fulfillment in the whole family”, declared.

Who does Indigo, the daughter of Evaluna and Camilo, look like?

Until now, the face of the little Indigo is unknown, because none of her parents have shown it, however, Ricardo Montaner decided to finally reveal who he looks like.

“Indigo is beautiful and I feel that she is just like Evaluna when she was little, You are beginning to see customs because, for example, he likes to have his little arms up like that. YouIt has a very Camilo wave, like very original”, added the singer.

Ricardo Montaner reveals who “Indigo” looks like
Photo: @montaner

Evaluna’s father assures that Indigo has fascinated the family and will become “the head of the ‘Tribe’”.

“It is an exciting moment, the moment of birth, everything was, truly, a prize, a gift from God to all of us,” he concluded.