Rihanna confesó que nunca esperó quedar embarazada

Rihanna confesó que nunca esperó quedar embarazada

The singer is about to meet the love of her life, as she is already in the termination stage of her pregnancy where she is expecting her first child with rapper ASAP Rocky. Although now the gender of her baby remains a mystery, on many occasions she has been caught while shopping and it is possible to see that she is filling the closet of her first-born or first-born, the curious thing is that in the purchases she has opted for things As a child, she was surprised by some followers buying an orange girl’s dress, which many claimed cost 18 dollars. Which, of course, would confirm that she is expecting a girl, plus they saw ‘Riri’ for a while looking around and picking out some baby hair accessories.

However, many have also assured that what the artist did was mislead the paparazzi after realizing that she was being photographed by some of them and could actually be a child.

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Now that the singer is on the cover of Vogue magazine, which will go on sale on April 26, she has left photographs with her beautiful belly by photographer Annie Leibovitz, where, in addition, to show her style of the fashion with her little belly, she also took the opportunity to make some confessions about her pregnancy. The 34-year-old singer spoke not only about her motherhood but also about her music and her private life, especially her relationship with the rapper. “In my opinion, it’s hard to get a friend out of the zone, but I know him very well and he knows me well.”

But, without a doubt, what attracted the most attention was the revelation of her pregnancy, which she confessed had not been planned: “I wouldn’t say it was planned. But we certainly weren’t taking care that it didn’t happen either. I don’t know when I ovulate or any of that stuff. We were just having a good time and then she came out on the audition. I didn’t waste time. I called him and showed it to him and we were at the doctor’s office the next morning,” the singer revealed in her interview for Vogue.

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In addition, he talked about his musical projects, “I see my next project completely differently from how I had wanted to put it out before. I think that in this other way it hits me more, much more. It is authentic. It will be fun for me and it will take a lot of pressure off me.” Although now, little is known about that project, the truth is that a couple of years ago, the singer revealed that she would release a pop album and on the other hand it would be a Jamaican one. Therefore, many say that in reality Rihanna would have put that idea aside and that R9 would be very different from ANTI, which has been her best album, and that what the singer is now looking for is not to overcome the success she had in that then.

Well, ANTI managed to exceed 300 weeks on the Billboard 200 and has risen to number 139 on the American list, after spending 310 weeks on it.

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