Sandra Bohórquez, de RCN, estuvo en coma y dice que la salvó un milagro

Bohórquez told ‘La sala de Laura Acuña’ that she decided to get an aesthetic touch-up when she was in a beauty contest. After a week of the intervention, he began to feel bad and returned to the hospital.

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They immediately took her to intensive care because they discovered that During the surgery, a bacteria entered him that was damaging all his organs..

“These bacteria kill people or they are left without a leg, without an arm or invalid. It was not my case, thank God. […] I have scars, but I don’t care, I’m alive.”

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Bohórquez went into a coma for a month, he said; while undergoing surgery to remove the bacteria. However, there came a time when they thought there was nothing they could do to save her. “The doctors did not give a penny for him to live. Every time I was worse,” she said.

One even advised the presenter’s mother not to allow any more operations and to rather let him “die peacefully”.

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RCN presenter says that “miracle” saved her from dying

The former queen, who works on the program of the channel ‘Mañana express’, reported that in the midst of pain, her mother a colleague told him about “the appearance of the mystic rose” and asked him to go see her.

“The lady, I don’t know what connection she has, if she is a clairvoyant or what she can be called. She prayed and told them: ‘Don’t worry, parents, you are going to experience a great miracle,’ she said.

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Days after the presenter woke up and called her mother to tell her that she had survived, to go see her.

“I truly experienced a miracle. All that time in a coma and I didn’t wake up. The doctor went and opened me [operó] without permission; I asked him why. He told me: ‘Sandrita, something told me to open it’, and I did something like that; he said: ‘God’”counted.

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When the doctor performed the intervention, the infection subsided and she managed to recover, he added. She claimed that when she woke up she saw people with demon masks and sad women; then a “divine” woman with three roses in her hand approached him and smiled at him.

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She thought she was “crazy,” she noted. A priest told him it had been a “miracle” and his mother associated everything with the mystical rose, so Bohórquez went to look at that virgin.

“It was her; literal, the [mujer] what I saw was her, ”he assured.

The story of the miracle that the RCN presenter says she lived can be heard in this video: