Santos Borré le hizo golazo al Barcelona y homenajeó a Freddy Rincón (video)

Santos Borré le hizo golazo al Barcelona y homenajeó a Freddy Rincón (video)

Rafael Santos Borré converted a great goal against Barcelona this Thursday, in the game that Frankfurt is beating the Spanish team 2-0 at the Camp Nou itself, for the second leg of the Europa League quarterfinals.

The Colombian striker scored the partial 2-0 in the 36th minute of the first half. Borré’s was a real goal, as he shot at the goal from a distance of more than 30 meters and sent the ball to the upper right corner of the Barcelona goal. (See also: Son of Freddy Rincón asks the driver of the accident truck not to hide)

As if that were not enough, Borré took advantage of his entry to pay tribute to Freddy Rincón, a historic Colombian soccer player who died this Wednesday night. The Frankfurt attacker looked for a television camera to point to the number 19 on his uniform and join hands in prayer, in a clear tribute to the ‘Colossus of Buenaventura’.

It should be remembered that Rincón used the 19 of the Colombian National Team and that this number is perhaps the one he is most remembered for. (You may be interested in: This will be the funeral honors of Freddy Rincón; they include two cities: Cali and Buenaventura)

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The first leg of the series between Frankfurt and Barcelona was tied 1-1, so this Thursday’s victory is giving the Germans a place in the semifinals of the second most important international tournament in Europe. For the football world it is a surprising result, just like what was experienced in the stands of the Camp Nou.

Frankfurt was almost local at the Barcelona stadium. A large part of the stands on the sports stage were filled with German fans who traveled to Spain to support their team in what could be a historic victory. This situation unleashed all kinds of criticism for the fans of the Barça club, as many do not understand how they allowed so many Germans to fill the stadium.

Goal by Santos Borré against Barcelona in the Europa League

Next, in two videos, Borré’s great goal against Barcelona and his subsequent tribute to Rincón: