Sara Corrales respondió en redes sociales una pregunta sobre su soltería

Sara Corrales is one of the most internationally successful Colombian actresses. She is remembered for her participation in series and soap operas such as ‘Vecinos’ on Caracol Television and the popular Mexican series ‘Lord of the Skies’, which had the participation of other actors from the country.

This time Corrales is not news for his performances, since in the last hours he uploaded a video answering a question one of his social media followers asked himwhich was about their romantic relationship.

“Are you single?” asked the netizen. The actress’s response was as follows: “Why the question. You have a good prospect out there that you want to introduce me to.”. It must be said that at the end of the video you can see how he lets out a laugh, which for many can be faked.

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In this sense, we must remember that a few weeks ago the actress was in the spotlight of various media for the same issue. ANDn that opportunity, the entertainment program ‘I know everything’ assured the following:

“Everything seems to indicate that the famous Colombian actress Sara Corrales would no longer reach the altar, since she has erased all the evidence of her commitment,” the media outlet asserted.

This medium was also in charge of rescuing the artist’s response, which was on his Instagram account, in which he has more than three million followers.

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The truth is that until now Corrales has not made an official statement about what is happening in his sentimental life, but the media specialized in this type of issues continue to ensure that the marriage with the Mexican will no longer take place.

This is the video published by the medium with the actress’s response: