“Se lo quería dedicar, dejó un legado muy grande”

Rafa Borré was one of the most important men in Eintracht Frankfurt’s 2-3 win over Barcelona at the Camp Nou, in the second leg of the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals. CWith the victory it was the Germans who advanced to the semifinals and incidentally took away 15 undefeated dates that the team commanded by Xavi Hernández brought without defeats.

Borré scored a spectacular goal, the second for the visit. The Colombian took out a bombshell and left Marc-Andre ter Stegen without any chance, who flew and could not stop the withering shot. After scoring, the striker celebrated and dedicated his goal to the memory of the recently deceased Freddy Rincón. After finishing the meeting, Rafael Santos explained about his tribute:

“I wanted to dedicate it to the player Freddy Rincón, a Colombian who passed away a few hours ago and who, for us, for Colombian soccer, is very important, he left a very large legacy and that is why I pointed out the number (19), I wanted to dedicate it to the”.

Santos Borré also expressed himself for the incredible accompaniment that Eintracht Frankfurt had in Catalan territory:

“The truth was incredible, we did not expect it like that, when we began to see that people from Germany arrived in the city, we thought that they came only to the city or that they were going to enjoy the game on the outskirts, but we did not think that they were going to take so much the stadium. We were surprised to see so many fans and that encouragement they always have was felt a lot and they helped us to achieve this result”.

In the semi-finals of the UEL, Borré and his club will now have to face England’s West Ham.