“Se maneja al otro lado”: Kel Calderón viaja al extranjero tras sus vacaciones en el sur de Chile

July 14, 2022 – 3:00 p.m.

A few days ago, the Chilean influencer and law graduate, Rachel “Kel” Calderonhe left Santiago to spend a few days off in the south of Chile.

In a hotel located in Puerto Varas, The 30-year-old settled down to finish her university thesis, which will allow her to obtain a law degree.

Upon arrival in Santiago, far from staying at home, he decided to pack his bags again – this time with summer clothes – and left the country for the northern hemisphere.

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Kel Calderon in Europe

On Wednesday, July 13, the influencer gave the first clues about her new trip, with stories showing her passport, implying that she would leave the country. And in the morning hours of this Thursday, July 14, Calderón published a photo from Madrid, on the airport conveyor belt.

This was only a stopover at her final destination, as she was there only a few hours before taking the other flight that took her to the United Kingdom.

Before saying it, he wanted to play the mystery, carrying out a survey with several European cities, so that his followers could guess the town to which he was going. As some could not get it right, the influencer wanted to give a “little hint”, pointing out that the city where she was going “drives to the other side.”

Kel Calderón did not specify the reasons why he is in Europe, nor the time he will be visiting the old continent.

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