“Sé que no estoy solo y tampoco ninguno de ustedes”

As we all know, Metallica ended on May 12 with their tour of South America. The group, which returned to Latin territory after a long wait of two years after Covid, arrived with a setlist marked by surprises and great songs. In addition to presenting a new stage, Metallica confirmed its return with a group that has drawn much attention from the global public, Greta Van Fleet.

Now, Metallica is a band that has been on the world Metal scene for several years, what’s more, it could be said that they are already a “veteran” band and that has been deeply felt by the frontman of the Thrash legend, James Hetfield. During the last Metallica recital in Brazil, James Hetfield was very emotional with the local public dictating a song that left all the attendees speechless. The guitarist showed his most sensitive fiber and shared with “the Metallica family” how he felt after so many years of career.

The guitarist left the following message: “I have to tell you, I wasn’t feeling very well before I came here. I felt insecure. Since I’m old, I can’t touch this shit. That’s what I was telling myself in my head. So I talked to these guys (he pointed to his bandmates) and they helped me, simple as that. They hugged me and told me if I feel bad, they will take care of my back.

After this James felt very moved and broke down in tears in front of the more than 45 thousand present. Seeing this action, his bandmates and family of almost 40 years, Lars, Kirk and Rob hugged him. This gesture was recorded by the thousands of followers who also shared his emotion in videos that are already scattered all over the Internet. The guitarist commented on his last words thus: “Now, seeing all of you out there, I know I’m not alone and neither are any of you.”

As we already commented in a past editorial, we are living in a time where our great idols are beginning to lose their voice, their vision, they are becoming more and more fragile and with this they will go on tour much less, just as happened to Black Sabbath who made the decision to retire more than anything because they can no longer tour globally like before as they are all quite old. Bon Jovi is another of the music personalities who will most likely soon announce his retirement due to his vocal wear. Recently, and although he is not Metal, Enrique Bunbury announced his retirement from music because he can no longer maintain a life of traveling singing around the world.

We have to take action and start paying much more attention to fresh bands, with a new sound, because otherwise we will reach a time where we will not have great Rock or Metal bands, and this beautiful musical genre will become only niche. and not mass.

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