¿Se salvará Justo & Bueno? Esto es lo que se sabe de las propuestas

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For Mercadería SAS, the company behind the Justo & Bueno chain of stores, this year has been marked by crisis. After being admitted to reorganization by the Superintendency of Companies on January 18, 2022, the complicated financial situation was revealed in April, when part of the workers protested the non-payment of their salaries.

The Justo & Bueno case took a turn after the hearing on Thursday, May 12. That day the Superintendence of Companies ordered the liquidation, a measure that was requested by the same company after announcing that it did not receive the money from the new investor and, therefore, would not have the capacity to meet its obligations.

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However, during that same hearing, several lawyers requested the annulment of the decision and a salvage request was presented, which was rejected and appealed within a few minutes during the proceedings. After a short time of deliberation, the judge ruled in favor of the request to apply article 6 of Decree 560 of 2020, which allows the use of the rescue tool for companies in a state of imminent liquidation, after the request of a group of creditors willing to provide new capital to move the company forward.

This Thursday, July 14, Lobbying & Consulting, headed by Alfonso Giraldo Castro, stated that it continues to work to save Justo & Bueno, with the support of Deloitte. “On behalf of the creditors we represent and with the permanent accompaniment and advice of the Deloitte firm, we ratify the intention to present a capitalization offer and contribution of new capital for the rescue of the company Mercadería SAS, accepting fully the provisions of the Decree 560 of 2020″, says the statement.

According to Lobbying & Consulting, the creditors they represent would contribute the capital to cancel the pending obligations “with the DIAN, the municipalities, as well as everything that the company has recognized as debt to employees, on the occasion of the employment contracts and the other obligations whose payment corresponds”.

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Likewise, the document indicates that everything owed will be paid from January 18, 2022 and until the date on which a decision is made, including rental fees, public services, among others. According to Giraldo, the capital contribution offer will be formally presented “at the time determined by the Superintendency of Companies.”

It is worth mentioning that there would also be a second offer on the table. Marco Gerardo Monroy Rosas, MGM Sustainable Energy Funds representative, made a proposal earlier this month to start up the chain’s operation. According to the statement signed by Monroy, “the consortium includes another global fund based in the United States and a business group of recognized prestige.”

Among other things, “the proponents have offered to buy the brands and fixed assets belonging to Mercaderías. In addition, they will inject capital for the massive purchase of products and have a flow of working capital to cover the needs until the moment of self-sufficiency of the operation”.

Sources told this newspaper that there would also be a third offer that has not yet been made public.

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