Selena Gómez le respondió a quienes la critican por su aspecto físico

Selena Gómez le respondió a quienes la critican por su aspecto físico

Selena Gomez has been having a great time of reflection with herself, but especially with her followers, because after having a great absence on social networks, she has decided to talk a little about her process of overcoming and her fight against mental health problems.

Let us remember that recently she confessed how her process was when she found out that she suffered from bipolar disorder, which despite the seriousness of the case, led her to feel calmer by understanding that everything that happened to her and what she felt had a medical reason. . In addition, she confessed that getting away from her social networks made her a much calmer and happier person.

However, she has been one of the celebrities who most likes to use her social network TikTok where, in addition, she has confessed that her current sentimental state has led her to reflect and has managed to understand why she has not yet found love. And it is that she, although she is one of the most admired women around the world, because her followers have witnessed her life story and her professional career since she was very young. Reason for which she has also been criticized on several occasions on her social networks, by people who believe they have the right to talk about her for the simple fact of knowing her for a long time.

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Now, Selena has gotten tired of that and has decided to give an answer to the criticism about her weight, which is one of the comments she receives the most on a daily basis. She has been on TikTok where she has shared a large part of her life, from showing how she combines her clothes, to making the occasional comment towards her followers. “I don’t care about my weight, because people are going to complain about it anyway, if I’m too thin or if I’m fatter… I’m perfect as I am,” was the forceful message that Gómez sent on her social network.

Without a doubt, it has been addressed to all those who have pointed out that she has gained or lost a few kilos, a message that, after all, is added to other artists who have also grown tired of receiving criticism for their physique, for the simple fact of being public figures.

Let us remember that artists like Billie Eilish has also been one of the women most attacked for her physique, by people who point out the increase in her weight and that what the singer is really looking for is to normalize the real body of a woman who is not often as it appears on social networks, because there are many touch-ups that are done on them.

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This is not the first time that Selena has talked about the subject, especially mental health, because after battling numerous illnesses, both physical and mental, the actress also launched her own platform that aims to provide support and solutions to people who are living through a hard time with her mentality, the site is called WonderWind and what the singer is looking for is that “it be an ecosystem of mental exercise”, so that those who suffer from it can feel immediate relief and support.

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