Sin tapujos, Lina Tejeiro responde a críticas por una fotografía: “No sufras por un cuerpo que no es tuyo”

This is not the first time that the protagonist of ‘The Law of the Heart’ faces questions from Internet users | Photo: Instagram @linatejeiro

Lina Tejeiro It has once again been a topic of discussion on social networks and, this time, due to a publication he made on his Instagram account, which left those who follow him on this platform quite surprised.

It turns out that after sharing a series of images that he captured in the middle of a triathlon in which he participated, the young actress she began to receive a lot of criticism and negative comments because her nipples were marked with the clothes she wore.

In addition, there were also those who told her that she looks “ugly” without makeup and naturally

“Is he cold?”, “And then he says he doesn’t like to show off!”, “He leaves nothing to the imagination!” Y “without makeup if it is not worth a peso”; They were some of the messages that she received from her and she, without mincing words, decided to answer them in a story.

What do my nipples look like? Well, because I have nipples! That I look different without makeup? Of course, because without makeup I’m fantastic and with makeup I’m a work of art! What is the need to give an opinion about a body that is not yours? Well, because you need to feel better about your body but criticizing others. Do not suffer for a body that is not yours and if you do not like it, do not look at it, “said Lina Tejeiro.

These words received a lot of support, especially from women who have also felt offended and hurt by these types of comments, as was revealed in the reactions that were subsequently raised.

“You’re right, how lazy are the guys who talk about nipples as if they didn’t have them”, “someone had to say it, thanks for that”, “those who commented, it shows that they have never been with a woman” Y “I am surprised to see how there are also women criticizing and judging”; These are other comments generated by the actress of ‘La ley del corazón’ and ‘Un rabón con corazón’.

However, the questions about this type of photography were not the only ones received by Tejeiro, since there was another photo for which she was told that she looked “very focused” looking at the buttocks of another triathlon participant. What few knew is that said person is his own brother.

“For the girls who are saying that I was looking at buttocks, I want to tell them that they were my brother’s, the supposed cul * I was looking at is my brother’s,” he added with a laugh.

Finally, the 30-year-old from Villavicensa let it be known that during the physical test she and her team had to swim 650 meters, row 8,000 and run another 2,000 meters, for which she ended up “destroyed”.

This is not the first time that Lina Tejeiro has faced criticism from Internet users, since the responses that she comes out to address her comments are constant. In fact, one of the strongest episodes was when his father was related to a drug shipment seized in Bucaramanga at the end of 2021.

The one who suggested that the young woman’s father was responsible for the crime was Graciela Torres, better known as ‘La Negra Candela’, and after the team of lawyers hired by the social media figure interceded, the journalist had to retract because I had no proof of what he said.

“The actress asked me to rectify that information, because the brigadier general clarified in an interview with the journalist Néstor Morales, that neither Lina Tejeiro nor her father (Manuel Eduardo González) have any link with the drug shipment seized and to which the person referred. journalist Graciela Torres. What was reported corresponds to an erroneous and inaccurate data provided by a journalistic source, ”she said on that occasion.


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