Sylvia Pasquel defiende a su madre Silvia Pinal y asegura “no la voy a guardar como un mueble”

Sylvia Pasquel defends her mother Silvia Pinal and says “I’m not going to keep her like a piece of furniture”after she and her brothers were criticized for allowing the great diva of Mexican cinema to return to the theater at 91 years old and with health problems.

It was earlier this week, when silvia pinal marked his back to the theater with the work “Little Red Riding Hood: What’s up with your granny!”. From the press conference, several followers of the great actress assured that she did not look her best and that due to her advanced age, it was best for Silvia to stay at home.

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For the second function, silvia pinal She could not appear and her place was taken by the great actress Norma Lazareno, but when she left the Silvia Pinal theater she was approached by the press and this made it difficult for her to enter the vehicle that would take her home.

The children of Silvia PinalSilvia Pascual, Alejandra Guzman Y Luis Enrique Guzman They were harshly criticized by fans of the actress and members of the press, who claimed that it was crazy to allow the actress to work in those conditions and because of her advanced age.

in 2020 silvia pinal underwent surgery after falling at home and suffering a hip fracture, also at the end of last year the great film, theater and television actress faced Covid-19 and its aftermath, so her state of health has not been the best.

Now, her eldest daughter, Sylvia Pasquel, He responds to the attacks and makes it clear that his mother’s well-being comes before any criticism and that she is happy in the theater.

Sylvia Pasquel assures that she will not keep her mother at home “like a piece of furniture”

With the character that characterizes him, Sylvia Pasquel broke the silence on criticism that her family received and assured that they were not going to deprive her mother of what gave her happiness, because the diva of Mexican cinema was happy to return to the stage.

Angry and in tears, Silvia Pascual He pointed out that his mother had the right to live. The great actress explained that her mother had suffered a stomach infection and since it caused dehydration, she had lowered her pressure. She added that she would continue to support her to work if she wanted to.

“Save it? Not even if it was a piece of furniture… I’m not going to keep it in a bed or in a room. My mom is there to enjoy life, when you tell her “let’s go to the theater” she gets excited, she gets happy, why am I going to take that pleasure away from her … ”, expressed Sylvia Pasquel.

In an interview, Silvia Pinal’s eldest daughter assured that the real problem was the way in which the press approached her mother when she left the theater and that she could have caused an accident by complicating the transfer of her wheelchair to the car that would take her to House.

Silvia Pascual She mentioned that many criticized her mother Silvia Pinal but that they did not go to see her to help her, that when she was sad and depressed no one was there, they only criticized.

Finally, through social networks, Silvia Pascual shared a video where Silvia Pinal herself spoke about how important it was for her to be in the theater and invited us to change the concept of older people, clarifying that we were wrong if we thought that because they were older they could not work, have fun and They just deserved to rest.

“Up the adults who want to continue living and doing what they want and like,” he said.

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